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Are researchers bridget. Dunlap gabriel roth editorial director of slate audio. June thomas making producer at least montgomery is executive producer of podcasts. Please follow us on twitter at lake past and tweet your chatter to us. They are for emily basilan and john. Dickerson i'm david plots. Thanks for listening. We'll talk to you next week. Actually i won't because i'm going to be in new mexico with my kids and maybe john is also invocation. Emily will be there will be. Emily will be telling a have a single devoted entirely to fantasies about justice prior and his post supreme court life. Really that will be memorable by hello slate. Plus how are you. Emily set us up. So i wanna do a segment about ordinary things in our lives that have vastly improved since childhood. We last week were being about the things we miss now. I want to celebrate the things that like truly have improved and just gotten much more varied an interesting. And i am going to start with ice cream. I know there was good ice cream when we were little loving the peppermint. Stick ice cream at howard. Johnson's on i'm sure people made amazing homemade ice cream however now you can get like amazing ice cream at your supermarket at like at the gas station. A couple of blocks from me they carry ben and jerry's and ben and jerry's isn't even my favorite ice cream by any means anymore. I just think we're in like ice cream. Mecca right now and it's true about a bunch of other things too like lettuce for example which used to be like iceberg like a on frozen ice for most of the year now is so much better and what are the other things like that. Are you thinking of things that you as a kid particularly like things that are good for kids or just. Don't think lettuce was my favorite thing as head. Things that have improved since nineteen seventies. Yeah like really improved in a way that measurably creates more joy and pleasure on people's less modem speeds there what we're know modems when we were little though. Do you remember that there was no internet. It's not true. I mean how little do you have to be. I'm talking seventh grade okay. Fast food as much better. I don't really eat fast food. But there are a variety of things that are are encompassed in fast food like chipotle say or kava about fast casual as fast casual truth fast food. Oh my god fast casual. She's breaking out the marketing lingo ladder up too fast casual fast. Casual is is a convention of fast food to get people like me to go eat fast food. But i don't know what the difference is and mcdonald's except that price maybe a little bit price a little bit. They're slightly more expensive but it's really good and it's available. It's cheap and by the way if they really wanted to make it fast they loaded into a cannon because it's perfectly shaped like my god the burrito you could then it would be really fast food not yet the andy rooney job sixty minutes and they fired auditioned for the andy rooney job.

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