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Eric Montross here with you. Dave Nathan, Adam Lucas, Judy soy, Dr statistician doing his great work as always as it's been Alexander. Our chief network engineer. Thanks for being with us. Carolina up seventy to fifty five with three fifty one to go. But for state at the free throw line Nichols will be there for two shots and Kobe white just picked up his fourth foul shooting this half a big story. Tarheels eleven of twenty fifty five percent four of six from three nine of twelve at the line four to state six of twenty five this half. That is twenty four percent three of eleven from three. They are six of eight at the line four states last field goal came at the ten thirty six Mark are Ray Kwan gray three which made it fifty six. Fifty two. Carolina has outscored the Knowles sixteen three cents. So the two numbers one. I mentioned the number of three pointers that Florida state shot twenty nine as the free throw rattles off by Nichols. They hadn't made today as now three of five at the stripe, but the other big number is airline is out scoring twenty eight to twelve in the pain free throw made by Nichols. So that's the second one in seventh woods is an with light having four fouls. So some late minutes here for the tar heel junior. Carolina keeping the ball well out in the court right now. Three thirty five to go with the heels up seventy to fifty six. Hey on the left wing still outside the art to Brooks quickly right side, the seventh woods Cam Johnson clashes up high pump fake on the three takes step inside the arc jumper just a little short. He was falling away. A bit on it and came up short toe for with the rebound other directions. Nichols turns it over drove to deep into the right corner. Tried to pass it back up that sidelined Pacelle and Senate right out of bounce. Cofer will check out for Florida state polite has returned timeouts each team has two remaining possession. Arrow belongs to Carolina fouls. Each team in the bonus. Heels have been whistled for eight four two states seven. Garrison Brooks cradling the basketball out near the center, jump circle. Again. The heels Vernon supply here. Chuck locked down to thirteen as has it. Seventy to fifty six tarheels Brooks up high shot clock down to eight goes to Cameron Johnson. Bribes into the heavy traffic and a blocking foul called on the Seminoles. It is polite. The freshmen. Picks up a personal he's from Switzerland. His dad Michael played basketball at FSU in the late eighties early nineties than play professionally in a bunch of different places and David Nichols. I use me Anthony polite was born in Switzerland. While his dad was playing there as Cameron Johnson makes the first brief row Johnson another quietly efficient day, seventeen points, ten rebounds of threes. This half knocked symbo three throws to make it seventy four fifty six to forty nine to today shooting seventy five percent from behind the arc us three or four a timeout. Be called by Florida state. That'd be a thirty. So the Knowles will have one remaining for the last two forty five. Carolina has two left. To forty five to go seventy four fifty six Eric still some work to do here. Although you much rather be the tar heels in the semifinals at this moment. I think you know, this is Carolina's really accelerated here in the second half after a start. Maybe in the first three or four minutes felt like it was gonna be a lot closer than it is currently at eighteen but thirty seven twenty two to score the second half Carolina. Yeah. And and you just watched how Carolina just continued to do it. And they've done it again in a very methodical fashion, but very convincingly and to me up eighteen on a team with two forty five left and a team like this Florida state and coming off of a Duke game win again, you don't shoot great from behind the arc, but you do push their buttons. And they were Carolina's beneficient these two games. I've been very impressed with the half court defense polite left handed dribble into heavy traffic. Lost the ball woods over the baseline to save. It. For Carolina to Cameron Johnson. Johnson doubled up in the back court by polite and Brent Hampton one of the officials able to spin free. Get it frontside of woods. That's only turnover number ten for Florida state. So you think about Carolina and all the things that they've been done. Well, they really have not had the opportunity to convert off of any turnovers only six points off of those ten turnovers shot clock down to six for seventh woods floats passed away. Longest three brings rain came up. A good foot short rebound to Florida state. We don't need anymore. Rain around here. Jones. No, we do not FSU takes a three and makes it the cell from the left side line. And it's seventy four fifty nine with one fifty to go seventh woods carefully moving from court. Cameron johnson. Out of garrison Brooks. Heels will continue to take some time back to would the center jump circle area. Started by Nichols. Out of Brooks, deep left wing up high to may shot clock down to eight. Dribbles all the way to the right baseline since it out to woods. He'll underhand it to Kenny Williams another long three late at the buzzer. No, good rebound. Chase down by polite. I'm not so sure that that shouldn't have been made just keeping it. When Nichols was on him again Nichols. Little little fella to Mogae misses. The hook shot on the right? Block may with the rebound. Four state. Not fouling. One. Oh, six to go. Tar heels up fifteen. All the way to an impressive win today in how they've done it against a very good team. Yep. You're starting to raise expectations for this. Tar heel team because they're doing it. Without shooting the lights out, but they're winning with their defense. Cameron Johnson left corner. Erica's he'll finish penetrate in rattles out. No, good rebound slapped out of bounds. It'll stay with the heels Florida state is going to bring in Harrison Preto and Wyatt will scupper guys deep on their bench and the tar heels will empty there's as well. So here comes cage as Smith. Kayla Bellas share rush Walker Miller and Brandon Huffman forty one point seven seconds to go. We will have full post game coverage coming up heels up seventy four fifty nine. Carolina has stretched that rebound advantage out to plus fourteen. That's been a reason for their success as well. Kayla Beleza right side free. It's good from the corner. Ellis. In the nice dish by K J Smith. That's the first three for Ellis all year, seventy seven fifty nine Nichols can answer. Rebound tipped and chase down by k j Smith. Fifteen seconds to go coach Williams telling K J Smith to backup. He and Leonard Hamilton good, friends and Carolina gonna run out the clock. Seventy nine excuse me, seventy seven fifty nine as Caleb Ellis. Now has it and will dribble it out. So after the incredibly.

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