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Heather, Nancy Goodman., Hollywood discussed on Bucket Strategy Investing


By the way if you don't if you don't know who that woman is her name is Nancy Goodman. we've been talking about a little bit she has tremendous anxiety well the reason why she said she has anxiety that was our excuse for calling a couple African American sitting in a restaurant the N. word so this is on social media it's on you tube everywhere if someone goes on a racial tirade likely we live in a world of cell phones now and this is a good thing I believe. in society because when someone goes on one of these racial tirades they deserve to lose their job in my opinion they deserve to be publicly humiliated. yes our first MM gives us the right to be a racist our first amendment gives us the right to hold up a sign on a public sidewalk that says I hate black people or I hate white people or whatever yes. that does give you the right but guess what your employer also has the right to fire you and we as Americans also have the right to post your racial tirades on social media well guess what it happened again Nancy Goodman isn't the only one. there is a woman in Hollywood California. who was walking out of a CVS store she is a pretty prominent costume designer for many of movies. and many celebrities know her pretty well this woman okay she lost her mind and she went nuts. okay this woman heather has apologized for this she went on a nutty racial tirade a lot of which we can even play on the air but we had the bleep out a lot of stuff it involves the N. word involves kill and she said she wanted to kill. black people but she was the other word to describe black people horrible words I want to I want you to hear the audio so this is heather herself. Hollywood costume designer walking out of CVS in Hollywood..

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Heather, Nancy Goodman., Hollywood discussed on Bucket Strategy Investing

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