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When you get up off the floor be good boy? They'll have to knock you down there again. What are we going to do it? This Guy Harry Bill. We don't have the necklace. Why should we do anything? We'd be Saudi for. Look Blackie you want to search the place go right ahead None the mind. Somehow you seem to be on the level. Maybe you don't have the necklace that when I find out who does. He'll get it in the neck Outta my office blackie. I'm not holding this Wesley really now. I know that they don't hold your breath into the find that missing necklace So all of a sudden you're worried about my health. Yes I was just thinking I'd go life would be if you got sick smart. I've got your John. Listen to me listen to me. We were both Something worthwhile I know who stole at Necklace from Jim. Motorcyle you'll do you. Yes Harry Reid saw they did. I suppose they told you all about it. Yes but they don't have it now. They got rid of it by giving it to Mary. Well now now. Isn't that nice to professional crooks lift a fifty thousand dollar necklace decide. They don't like it and so they just give it to miss Wesley kind of sense. Does that makes it makes a Lotta sense if you can guess why. They didn't like it. I don't make dumb guesses on originally they just come out that way. I guess you're GonNa let me use your phone. Not You know all right thirty years I guess wrong. Pick up the receiver another phone I want you to hear this conversation. I'm going to call it. Listen and find out okay. In case you WanNa know how I notice fell number. I looked it up on the phone book outside. Good then you won't care if I pretend to be Harry Reid's for few minutes Harry. Why do you watch listen all Mr Henry Reese semi on through Doing Business Shit? Oh No I think the police. I would like to know why bill and I wanted to give the necklace and who has it now now now. That's an unkind word. Mr Rose. You shouldn't treat. What is that way after all? I lifted that necklace. Foy In then we told you. We slipped at the Mary Wesley. Then we wouldn't have wanted the police. I've seen that necklace would you. I would have had to go to all the trouble I did. If you and your brother hadn't been such fools and try to return it paid us to steal a necklace with fifty thousand dollars but the Nicholas we stole was a phony and you know it across this up. We didn't want any part of it. What are you gonNA do about it? Now go to the police and tell them you don't know that that I could call and tell them you hired somebody to steal it and there was a phony and that you stole it from Miss Wesley. So the Insurance Company wouldn't find out it wasn't real WOAH. You get fifty thousand from the insurance company if they don't find out what you've done don't you alright villain. I will take a half of that fifty thousand that's all Let you know when and how goodbye. Well what do you think. Hey where you going. Where do you think I'm going oldest? Hit the real necklace. I had the brothers to steal a phony. And he's trying to collect fifty thousand dollars insurance on it. I placing him arrest. I just figured this whole thing out the my own stupidity Faraday. I thought I forget it out DOC. So once again inspector faraday claims that he figured it all out from Black Mary but even I was wrong. In one respect word I thought Otis hitting the real necklace. Actually he'd broken up and sold it stone at a time over a period of years..

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