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Right on location. We are actually standing by the main entrance here in Orlando. It's a semi beautiful day. Well, it's still cloudy, but it's still more beautiful than it isn't Minnesota or candidate for bury. Yes, we're we're sorry to our wives or jelly apologize sort of kinda. So this is an exciting day. This is day. One were I'm really pumped to see south con tonight. Yes. This after noon, I guess, yeah. He's going to be in a couple of hours. He's the keynote speaker here. It's I think an hour and a half that he's going to speak. And I'm interested in listening to what he says it's been talked about a true innovator in at tech. Right. Yeah. Rockstar. Yeah. Super rockstar. So we have a lot of stuff coming your way. I think actually we've changed. We've just called an audible in the last half an hour. Hour, and I think instead of doing three special episodes. We're going to end up doing four potentially. Yes. We have a full one our regular episode coming as well. Coming up today. Yes on I guess today's Monday. And so you're going to get a lot of stuff we're going to be talking to on this episode. We're gonna be talking to Steve ISAACs, Jess and his wife, Kathy. And then tomorrow, we're going to have tissue Richmond. Yes. Rachel Russia Rachelle. Yeah. And Noah Noah Geisel for sure. And then we just have all kinds of other people lined up tons of super excited about being able to come visit us here. And then be able to share what they're what they're talking about. It there sessions, and what's you know, what's happening in their worlds, and we should give a out to class craft. I mean, they they helped us get here. And you're gonna hear you're going to hear about a great deal that we have in our ad, and we just wanna. Them for for letting us letting us do this work with them. It's going to be super exciting super exciting. If you haven't already tried outclass Cup. You can have there's a free version of it. We're actually with that code that we advertise you can sign up, and then get a significant discount on that yearly subscription, and there's so many different ways of being able to use it. You should check it out. So coming up next, Steve ISAACs and Kathy Chow ISAACs. All right. Welcome back to the podcast everyone. We're I'm really excited to be with Steve and Cathy ISAACs who are here at C. And they're presenting all of the time. So for anyone who doesn't know you guys, why don't you? Introduce yourselves tells tells the could do different things, and and you're you're doing very cool things so television what you guys do. I'm Kathy Chow ISAACs. And one of the things that I do is. I'm a professional learning specialist with I two e insight to execution than also the educational technology and community content specialist for event called mine fair, which is the official community event for this little game called craft. Wow. Love it. If you haven't been to a mind fair, people should go to mind fares. I haven't been to a mind fair. So I'm waiting. I think we're done. Interview is over. We can only talk to. I will be leading the rest. Steve it's binding Steve ISAACs I teach game design and development at William and middle school in basking ridge, New Jersey, I really think I have the best job on the planet about ten years ago, or so I asked my supervisor and principal if I could bring a full semester elective of in game design, and luckily, they were supportive, and it's just been awesome. You know, really great experience with kids and seeing what they can do. And we, you know, give them -tunities as part of that. I've also been involved in research on virtual reality in the classroom, and augmented reality and doing a lot with content creation with kids in that realm. So that's been been super exciting lately..

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