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And so you got a fast food him a little bit more. Now, I I'm sure he was in the bronze doing some things dietary and whatnot that Jordan, maybe wasn't. So maybe maybe evens it self out a little bit more. But you're right, man. There's a lot of miles on those wheels a lot. I mean, look Jordan was Jordan was eating where comes pass on the tray at the Dada. Ars and stuff, which I know LeBron is not doing that. But like, you know, Jordan Jordan was experiencing loving life. But you know, it just was different is different time without cameras on them. So I look, I don't even know. The Jordan on the wizards thing is very intriguing. We haven't even stoked about that. That's actually what if this is a little on the wizards. Yeah. Like what if this is his wizards because the wizards were probably about the same team that the Lakers are right now. You know? Yeah. But but the entire world has I think by the time Jordan was on the wizards. Everybody was just like, oh, man. I hope there was that initial thing where people like he's going to do it. Again, you watch. Oh, wait. No. He's not going to be doing it again. Yeah. We'll. You can't do it again. It was so humid, these giant ice bags stress was knees on the sideline. Yeah. You're like he he's not an actual wizard. He's just on the wizards. Yes. That's what it is. But I mean, he was. Exactly that is. And I feel like LeBron might be going that way which is such a bummer 'cause you say to yourself LeBron now if the Lakers getting Anthony Davis in the middle of the season or Kevin Durant. That's a different story. A lot of people saying Durant to the Knicks to play along porzingas. What do you what do you think about that? And you know, I love to Durant until he went to the warriors. And then I just got bombed, and I get everything I get everything from his point of view with it. But it's like. It's like well, imagine if you guys went and just joined another podcast. Joe Rogan's podcast. Already. It doesn't need us. To that. Yeah. So yeah, that's interesting. That's a great. We should actually call. Joe? I'm gonna call him on that. But critically. No. But that's you're right. You're right though. I mean, he was he was a play away from the NBA finals and had made it to the NBA finals before and just lost. Yeah. Everybody's got to do what they do. It's really whatever road year on is your road. And if it makes sense to him, I can't tell them what make. But it's like. Westbrook is clearly going to go down and my Lord. Okay. See is not rest. Brooke is like you're drunk and at a wedding. You're like how we gotta get her get her out of here. She's not taking her off the floor. That's literally what you're saying. She's not taking one dance off she danced with everybody. She's calling out what the DJ's. It's still it will never be. It's always amazing to think that one point. It was Durant. Westbrook hard and Osaka. Yeah. And then they're like, I think we gotta go all in on a Bacha on this one. Sorry. Although e- Baca is a wonderful piece in Toronto right now. He's great. He's good role. Play such a good complementary as the fourth as the Draymond green of your outfit. He is a fantastic not afraid to get physical and mix. It up will make two or three defensive play protector Anka outside shot from time to time. So I imagine imagine. Now, the magin the warriors contract I'm saying to Steph curry, we're going all in on dream on this time eggs. Sorry, buddy. Back. What that was that is ridiculous. And really it's just the last person news time to negotiate their contract. They they get seen as the champion. But as as the breadwinner so to speak, but there is a moment in the game last night. Again, the Toronto Philly game where in this is what you see in the NBA and the regular season. There is a moment. Philly was coming back. I think they were they were down twenty in the third quarter. They've cut it to eight. And Ben Simmons had the ball. And it was like he was trying to dribble in too much around the elbow..

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