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Harvey Weinstein was known to be able to do anything he thought of himself as the sheriff in town in the same way gangs he read she kicks and screams I just froze more than once and then I just it's great that run it there or is in the movie as well because he gets my tremendous reporting around this this issue and one of the things I I wonder about showing a film like this is so much of the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein case particular women felt like they could come forward people who had sat silent for so long you heard that one woman say she froze she never told anyone is there a certain element to the festival that you hope helps women speak out whether it be about this whether about pay equity that this in some way film can help women find a voice well I think that's the theme of the festival frankly and it's always been the theme of women in the world which is finding voices for women and powering those voices and celebrating those who do speak out this festival is all about that and it's about women who are heroes who simply just kick against it I mean opening night tonight actually I'm moderating a conversation with Kathy Griffin she who course such a not role models with that really while I'm out that photograph she did of trump's you know supposedly seven head as a gag that ready went wildly awry but what happened how often was he's quite astonishing image you ready found the hole that she was persecuted and and and trolled and trashed and I mean it was just astounding lost her income she let me in yeah and so she's made she's very a very brave fashion frankly since she couldn't get any finance so any gigs on any work she actually paid for this whole movie to be this documentary of has sort of come back sort of stand up Iraq which she created out of what happened to and it's really entertaining it's very out that but I you know even though I must say I have some doubts of what the original you know back to the photograph what happens or off which is really pretty unconscionable and she tremendously captures the fear and craziness of what happens when the full social media said a flash mob descends on you and I think it's going to be a very entertaining and and quite role conversation actually tells us more panels well I was just going to take you back on the court at the Griffin I think when we think about what the vessels about a lot of is about resilience and yeah that's what Kathy really shows and when we talk about untouchable these women who have been able to come forward in much part because of other women who have also been telling the stories and they've been in power to do that so I do think that that really comes across there's a somewhere showing called a girl from a good issue it's a drama from Ireland and it's about a woman who flees Mogadishu to become and international advocate for against female genital mutilation it's a fantastic movie it's thrilling and it's a relic of the subject Tuesday after persons based on who will be with us as well as a director and a couple of actors from the movie I think that's gonna be a really interesting conversation was also wonderful documentary about the great Texas journalist Molly Ivins it's a hilarious portrayed of this firebrand columnist who was absolutely able to take down anybody and never see it you know have no fear or favor if anybody in authority in fact the last column which was published before she died and it was published in January two thousand seven ended with this call to action we are the people who run this country we are the deciders and every single day every single one of us needs to step outside and take some action raise hell there's no question that so many of the women you know that we featured in these movies and the subjects have been able to raise hell and actually we have with this Kathleen Turner who was a great friend of of Molly Ivins to talk about Molly and the kind of hell she raised the name of the documentaries raise hell the life and times of Molly Ivins we actually the clip from the film it's a it's Molly and then it's Rachel Maddow explaining what she sees as Ivan gift and then an example of that gift after speech by Pat Buchanan syndicalist I think there's two different kinds of humor there's a kind of wonderful gentle humor garrison Keillor does it it draws people together and make it as recognize our common humanity and foibles and how silly we all are in the end it really unifies people then there's another kind of humor that holds people at the contempt and ridicule that's what I do what was unique about her was that she was not afraid to be angry but she did it in a way that male made a case she made a case that she was doing it because it was deserved and she made you laugh all she was doing it you remembered or one liners and I just don't know anybody else who does.

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