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FM. Welcome back to the show. We are not quite done with captain marvel. We've got one more person who's going to weigh in on the film and peculiar what James has to think I've seen actually met James a couple of times at movie screenings part of being a member of the Mike Rosen movie club is I get to invite people to come along with me valuable price. That's right. Of course, of course, tickets to the see film center and also the Alamo draft house cinema, which will be giving away very shortly to James, but if you are a member of the club, I send an Email invite once a week, maybe once every two weeks saying, hey, I'm seeing this movie. Would you like to join me have met a whole bunch of people that way, so another perk of being a member of the Mike Rosen with club, and how do people get a hold of us if they want to be part of usually Mike Rosen gives away his Email address. Would you happen to know enough atop Mike Rosen at eight fifty KOA? There you go. Thank you very much cost saving me. Yeah. Just send them a message. It'll get to me, and I will hook you up and you'll be member of the club and again, no obligations. You just get an Email from me once week saying, hey, we're reviewing this movie. If you've seen. Let me know. And then in between you get a second Email saying I'm seeing this movie which like to join me, so and sometimes we we do touch on. What's on Netflix? Absolutely all the other stuff which will be talking about later because there's so much out there. My gosh, just this weekend. There's a new movie called triple frontier. I mean my God made for net flicks. As we totally go off topic. That's right specifically made for okay? And I believe the directors Chander waves name, right? He did margin. Call and always lost a very talented, young filmmaker. So again, all the best talent is going to net flicks. When I was watching Netflix this week. I noticed a kept coming up every time. I turned it on. Hey, you wanna watch this trailer? I'm good. Thank you, Mr. Neth lakes, anyway, we'll get James on the line James going to review, captain marvel. James, thanks for joining the show. Well, I appreciate you having me, sir. Captain marvel. I I did really enjoy. It it stayed pretty close to comic books, which was really nice and disregarding all the hype and all the politics. It was a good story line. Everybody around me thoroughly enjoyed it. There was no oh my gosh. They went here. They went there in the storyline was good seeing Colson as a young man with hair. Seems furious. Really tied a lot of the malware university together, if you really look you could see a little a lot of the Easter eggs in in the subtle things around and little files with heading to is a great little adventure. And I love the fact that is so good. I'm sorry. I'm gonna say on top of the story line. What I think is interesting is that this franchise. I think because they know so much is at stake these movies make a gazillion dollars. They do box office bonanza overseas and in the United States. They put a lot of love sweating bullets at Twitter's into them where you get the Easter eggs, you get the little sort of flashes. You get the end credit sequences. There's just a lot of stuff there. And I think that also helps with if you do want to watch it again. And again, this more to see and that means more fun. Oh, absolutely. And you know, as they come out with movies, they kind of fit in between movies more they fit in between storylines. And so it's it's like reading comic books. James, are you a marvel fan? So, you know, all the weirdness that you know, the Ronin was is a Cree and his dad is bad knows. And so do you know all the little weirdness as I call it? I know I know a lot of the weirdness I liked that by the way, I know a lot of the weirdness. But you know, my family doesn't so they can sit there and enjoy it just as much as I am even though I'm looking at so many different things and they're just enjoying the storyline. The visual effects and over. The course of however, many years it's been so far. My kids can go back and look at the original movies and go, oh that makes sense now. Right, right. You keep seeing things over and over again. Well, I know that my husband likes marvel movies, and I like the weirdness unlike you, I know that I know everything that I just mentioned and win an Easter egg comes up for people like me, you're like, oh, you know, what I've always looking at my husband like did you see that? He's like, no, no, I didn't. Oh, absolutely. Even without giving spooners away. You know, when when her her ultimate suit is being designed, you can see the history of captain marvel exactly. Just so cool to see those little subtleties being Prodi. And even if it's quick second or two, well, I actually studied the history of the cat goose. And by the way, he's running. They'll probably win lurking twenty twenty. And at some point is names, not goose in the comic books, but at some point the cat and rocket from guardians of the galaxy followed love, so this isn't a character in the movie because they thought it'd be cute. It's a national character in the comic. But I think I did not know that I need a moment. I rocket wants to eat her. Her and kind of neat. Right. And then he decides he doesn't want to eat or after she lays eggs size, smell a spin off movie. Exactly. I'm looking at some YouTube movies. That's going to come out. Exactly James before we let you go. What did you think about Bree Larssen's performance because I'm not a fan? I think Laurie and has more on team Larson. What did you think that she was well cast here? She is good as the other superhero to softer something is that what you don't care on me. No. Yeah. I was just wondering. Well, she's kind of she soft. That's the only way that I can put it like you look at the lady in Black Panther that play the general over the army. Right. Jan physically imposing or Dan, Danny? I know where Danny okay. And she was very worked out very often. You know? So was that maybe I don't know that doesn't bother me. But James, would you? I was very leery about green Larson doing it. I think in in the overall it was not a bad pick. You know, we can all sit back and go. Well, this person would have been great. But I think she did a good job. It was an intro story. So I don't think she really got a lot of meet behind her. You've got introduction of her. And that and that kind of slowed it up for me a little bit. Okay. I someone online that Emily blunt, an interesting choice, and I agree with that. I only blend in that movie with Tom Cruise tomorrow. I mean, I think she anything. I mean, she could be Mary Poppins she could be an action star. But I think I think I would have liked her as captain marvel. I put nothing pass had. My big test is going to be endgame. For captain marvel. That's why I'm I think I'm really gonna find out when it was a good choice of bad choice because we already know who it is. We know the backstory now we're going to see what the what the actress can do with full fledged. Character does flip her hair a lot in this movie. She she does a lot of hair flip. Didn't bother me that I did hear from several women around me going. That's reality. Even quips back and forth between characters you saw real. You know, friendly bantering. Flipping, you know, being deployed in the desert that was a real soldier right there. It's like it's getting in the way again. All right, James will we've already given our ratings of the film. Now, it's your turn to rate on a scale one to five using clever unit of measure based on the movie. I would say it was three out of five. All right. Very nice hold on tags are half dog. Well, three point five. All right. Your reward. Here is tickets to the Alamo draft house cinema could visit inlet Littleton and also sloan's lake another great place to see movies because no texting no talking. They care about the theatrical experience the right way. And of course, you can have a bite to eat. You can order a snack. You can have a full meal with Ninja-like servers coming and dropping off the food before you could even notice them and fun different events at the Alamo. They felt lots of cool things happening. They are screenwriters actors directors coming by always fun different things happening at the Alamo hoping the passes. Well, great. Thank you. All right. Well, it's like sort of comic book guy there across the back story. You know, the weirdness calling it didn't you just want Samuel L Jackson. Just start just dropping the f bomb just. I think he's funny as they went they spend all his CGI money on getting him to look younger. The dude seventy he looks younger than me. On him and said, okay here. He is you're good to go. So he can do anything. Yeah. That's true. And he has both.

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