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The justice department's office the legal counsel during the george w bush administration so julia wonder if you could just started off this this story had so many interesting details to it and helped tell us a little bit more about what may be an obstruction of justice case can you just tell us give us some of the details that you guys reported well what we're learning is more about this special prosecutor robert mahler is looking at as he tries to figure out whether there is a case for obstruction of justice and one of the key things that my colleague mike schmidt and the rest of us learned in the course of reporting the story you is that the president we we had known before that the president was very upset that the attorney general jeff sessions recused himself from the russia investigation what we found out now is that he actually dispatched the white house counsel don mcgann who is the top lawyer at the white house to act essentially lobby jeff sessions not to do that he had been considering it he sent mcgann to try to talk him out of it and when that failed trump uh really erupted in rage and said he wanted a protector just like previous presidents he felt that he wasn't being personally protected in a way that he wanted to be and he said where's my wrote roy cone of course referring to his former personal lawyer who was also the top aide many decades ago choose senator joe mccarthy when he was doing the the anticommunism hearings so we learned about that and the degree to the lengths to which the president went to try to keep sessions in control of this investigation we also learned about the sort of way that white house lawyers were trying to manage this idea that they knew the president had to fire the fbi director um one of the lawyers in the white house counsel's office knew that he wanted to do this that he was considering it had told the president that he needed a reason if he wanted to fire the fbi director he subsequently research that and founded it was not in fact the case but he deliberately kept that information from president trump because he was afraid that he would act on it and go ahead and fire jim colmey which of course he did we're also learning more about the justification that the.

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