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Knocked out because money does not getting body out but i i don't expect this to be a good boxy matching so for people who love boxing they're gonna look at this and be like are you cut that's the problem nobody loves boxing any more which is why it's been largely invalidated in the public the public supporting spectrum they need this they need to get gimmicky they need carter mcgregor may be answered my second thing needs kayak rigorousness for your god are you going to watch in one hundred percent whatever you going to do that to do you think that this is actually a publicity stunt you'd be like staged like myself well i think it's going to be real you're gonna fight but is this what boxing needs to become relative because wrote everybody knows the ufc and emit may has passed it in pie in some cases not in the card core boxing arenas owe boxing fans don't come at me like i i don't the boxing us marry more it's still matters doing very little very little matters yet mainstream wise ufc is crushed it swallowed aid so is this an intentional a calculated orchestrated endeavour to bring boxing that's a good question but but i think first of all by answer is no and the reason i say no because i don't think that floyd really cares about the boxing game as much as floyd cares about floyd at though out of it the way me mad at him to get over much what are you gonna get i do the same thing i'm ready to consider carrying freight round let people think we get a rematch can hang around and can't get three hundred four million dollars i do anything for that but here's here's the here's the issue all right and i was have this discussion with santer and san through his motive was was one of it was interesting and you know i love santer but he's a little he's like a little poodle contrary always nitpicky here and i just i was in the middle of 9000 things that are really wanted to end the conversation finally took the cue and he left the office but his point was interesting he goes and he said the same thing use it all how's it going to knock conor mcgregor floyd never monzon anybody but has not only boxes boxers his and they know how to sleep and they're technically sound conor mcgregor if loyd mayweather wants.

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