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I have not ripped a semi final since that time but i'm available jp williams if you're listening for next year carrie wayne talked about his experience from the other side in seeing how you guys put things together and to them tell us a little bit about the story from your perspective and for the city of salem perspective the oda perspective with putting it together to take to that well i do have to say one thing i didn't realize it took his ten years to get it right but he didn't it was it was it was we wanted a football game we're a football community silom high school just one is third straight state championship so we love football in this town and we came up with idea from dan wooldridge stan brought it stan was the commissioner though dak at that time had been in a fischel that had worked the game in phoenix city alabama and thought would be a great game for us to have i took it around city they didn't get real excited about it came to us he waited a year because that year that he was gonna originally pitch it to us we'd had fareham an emerald henry playing stadium and we had destroyed the field on the first saturday in september i assumed responsibility the stadium on friday but was our stadium manager and we thought they would fire us on tuesday monday being labor day and they wouldn't come into fires so we went through it got the game went to to marco island florida.

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