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Rooms county station. Right. Okay, A B C. K ABC News at four o'clock. I'm Kevin Trapp. More severe weather is forecast for the New York tri State region, as many are still claiming up from Hurricane Ida. After more than four dozen people died, Lisa G reports, maybe. De Blasio says the city is watching the forecast closely. BOT crews will be out To work on roadway issues. If we see any sanitation is already out, 24 7, They're staying out. 24 7, the mayor adds. Crews will be cleaning up catch basins, and if there are any changes to the forecast, alerts will be sent out to smartphones. There is the chance of up to one inch of rain, but De Blasio says it's of concern due to last week's flooding here in California. The Navy is providing more details about what led up to that deadly helicopter crash off the coast of San Diego Adama Coven reports. Navy officials say the helicopter was attempting to land on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln on August 31st when the aircraft began to experience side to side vibrations, which caused the main rotor to hit the flight deck, causing the helicopter to flip over the side of the ship and go down in the water. After an extensive three day search and rescue effort, the Navy declared the five sailors on board dead and switch to recovery operations, a Los Angeles prosecutor today told jurors Is that there is overwhelming evidence of New York real estate heir Robert Durst's guilt in the shooting death of his friend and her Benedict Canyon home in 2000. It's the first of several days of closing arguments by attorneys in Durst trial. The 78 year old already took the stand for multiple days to proclaim his innocence after being paused because of the pandemic. Mandatory homeless encampment cleanups have resumed in L. A. The program is called care Plus, and it's back in action following a city council vote back in June, when a cleanup crew arrives. Homeless people are required to take down their tents and belongings so sanitation workers can sweep power wash. Collected trash in Hazardous materials from the area. Belongings left unattended are bagged, Tagged and stored. 21 encampment cleanups were conducted across the city. Just yesterday. Jim Rupkey ABC News KBC News is sponsored by Duck Duck. Oh, protect your privacy for free with duck duck. Go! What is it? That makes you uniquely you? Well, duck duck Go doesn't think that's any of their business. And frankly, it shouldn't be the business. Have any tech company? Protect your privacy online for free with duck duck? Go KBC weather tonight clear in the evening than areas of low clouds and fog lows in the mid sixties tomorrow, areas of low clouds and fog in the morning then sunny highs from the mid seventies to around 80 at the beaches to the mid eighties to lower nineties inland. A B C and cumulus media encourage you to get vaccinated Vaccines work and save lives. Please get vaccinated. It's America's.

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