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From ABC News. I'm Richard Can't Sue the U. S. Capitol re secured after the Trump supporting mob stormed the complex. Lawmakers of Resume the business of certifying the electoral college vote that made Joe Biden president elect on this vote, the ayes or six The nays are 93. Objection is not sustained vice president Pence in his role as president of the Senate as the first certification challenge was rejected there. Will b'more multiple sources tell ABC News some members of the Trump Cabinet or talking about invoking the 25th amendment and ousting the president. Yeshiva University. Cardozo Law School professor Kate Shaw's an ABC News contributor. It's designed for incapacity largely designed, but health incapacity in mind physical health, but I think it's words certainly would extend Elation, which majority of the Cabinet in the vice president thinks the president is simply unfit for whatever reason. Washington D. C. Police say four people died one shot by Capitol police. Three others dying in medical emergencies. They're already questions about law enforcement's preparedness. We're learning it took hours to convince the president to call in the National Guard all throughout the afternoon. He resisted, and he was on Lee. Move to change his mind on that, after the intervention of other White House officials, who told him that for the sake of the country, the National Guard needed to be calling called in and convinced him and urged him that if he did not do this, the situation would get worse. NBC's Jonathan Karl, Quick thinking staffer protected the actual electoral college balances. The mob forced its way in Senator Jeff Merkley tweeting a picture of the mahogany boxes holding the certified Electoral college. Toads, saying a Senate staffer rescued them from protesters who broke into the Senate floor and then move those boxes to a safe location. Senator Merkley saying those electoral votes may have been burned by the mob. If that staffer hadn't secured. The baby sees Andy Field, you're listening to ABC News.

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