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He basically hasn't had any kind of a work. This route Training camp and the preseason. So i think josh even with the calf injury he is still probably their best bet. And there's also. Sam bill maher is sambo that is that is a point to bring up in literally if if these injuries keep mounting in the secondary madre harper. He's somebody who was dinged up in the game. It doesn't seem as serious as somebody like. Quincy wilson who was put on the i r. at the two interceptions against the jets in the browns but as much as we got a crash on on deal podcast ago. I mean he might have to make this team if these injuries. Keep mounting the secondary. And we'll have to wait and see. What exactly is going on with dorie jackson before we come to that conclusion. Then we have kion cross onto. Who is more of a special teamer. I don't. I don't into his film extensively at the quarterback position. I watch a lot of this film as a special teamer. But he's another name just to kind of throw out there who's probably going to be a body that is healthy in the secondary that can play cornerback which almost kind of a That's an important. Trait is having a body and being healthy doesn't okay. It almost worked out perfectly though. The josh jackson trade in a way that the it for a week ago and i know he's not the most ideal player to put out there. They signed dory jackson for a reason because he's significantly more talented and was the one of the best available guys that they could get to play that second corner spot. But josh jackson has experienced he has. The talent hasn't necessarily lived up to that talent but he's probably their best bet right now i think i i don't know i can't really point to anybody else. The rest of those options that you guys brought up. They don't really sound that great. I wouldn't be too disappointed. If josh jackson is the guy that if hypothetically dorie jackson isn't available week one if they have to go out there with josh jackson again the experience for me as long as he has that. It's it's not a horrendous option. For me i think my go-to option would be julian love. I think there's another one if you get. Julian love on the field. 'cause you know. The giants like to to use a lot of big nickel dime lot of three safety sets. Borough peppers logan ryan xavier mckinney. Jillian love is kind of that lost piece that you can utilize sometimes in the in the safety room. But as a cornerback. He'd be out there much more often. Now that's what he played in college. It's not an ideal position in the nfl at least up to this point but he has shown the ability to do so. i think he's very versatile. I think he's an underrated player. I think he's a player that we don't really talk about enough as the giants fan base. Which just kind of guy. He's he's solid. He's okay but i do think he's a a good football player that if he's pigeonholed into the cornerback role. He can do that too. A solid level. Probably maybe even better than isaac guide at least down the stretch of the season. That's kind of what we saw now. It was against the browns. When james bradberry wasn't there was against the cowboys in week. Seventeen where he made a couple of really nice place and he is somebody who is really really good run support. And that's what this. Patrick graham vivement loves they love or cornerbacks with spill everything outside the cornerbacks who have to run support. Julian love is excellent in that in that regard yet and i would say the with. Julian love the number of different hats. That he can wear he can play in the slide. He can play out wide. He has had experience from college at notre dame. He has transitioned to the safety. He's played in the box. He's played that free safety position. That i think would work well with the types of coverage rotations. That patrick graham loves to do where maybe you have. It's a zone. Look on that side of the field where julian loved drops into deep zone. Darnay homes drops into more of a shallow zone from the slot position. And yet they're playing a nickel or dime look and they more or less just kind of patchwork a coverage shell together while they're waiting for door jackson to come back and like we said before we don't know as we're sitting here recording this the severity of the injury. We don't know if it's a low ankle sprain. We don't know if it's a high ankle sprain. Hopefully he does not need surgery. Hopefully there are no torn ligaments or anything like that in there. We're going to have to wait to find out about that one. I almost forget sometimes about julian love and his availability. So that's actually a really good point. I'm so used to thinking of him as a safety but that actually is really smart to point out that if they really needed to julian love available you could ask them to make that transition for a period of time until you get back dory jackson that is also not a horrible option and frankly i mean is against him. Last year was not very good. So it's not like you can go much further downhill from what we saw from yatta in a number of games last season for the giants coming up. Oh actually we got one more thing before the ad break that we need to quickly hit on here. Denver broncos announced the starting quarterback for one. You're going to be starting teddy bridgewater. The player that they traded for before the draft from the carolina panthers last season he was the panthers starting quarterback before they decided to move on and trade for sam darnold so this battle between him and drew lock. We have a decision. We now know that it is teddy. Bridgewater we'll probably spend a little bit more time in the week leading up to the giants first game against the broncos talking about the significance of this but just are quick thoughts on teddy bridgewater. Going out there is the starting quarterback. Would we think. I personally think i would have rather seen drew lock now. It's going to one of those floor. Ceiling type of debates. I think teddy bridgewater has a higher floor than drew lock but drew lock probably has a higher ceiling than teddy bridgewater. And when you think of a younger type of quarterback wasn't seen as many defenses was been prone to mistakes similar to daniel jones only feel like jones is a little bit of a better prospect. Unlock doesn't have the as lively of an arm as drew lock. But i would have liked to see him. Go against patrick grams. Unique defense i think graham scheme a lot of different trap. Pepe defenses kind of baited. Lock into a lot of different mistakes whereas teddy bridgewater he seen a little bit more. He's a little bit more He's a little bit better at just judging defenses and it better with his risk management is what i would say so. I don't know if there's going to be as many mistakes. teddy bridgewater. Probably keep pat shurmur offense on script whereas drew lock isn't a certainty to do that. So i would have rather seen lock even though he has that higher upside just because i think he would have been prone to more mistakes yet. I think it really comes down to what perspective you have from. Giants perspective drew. Lock can hurt you. He is a good athlete. He has that really big arm yet. He his peaks are higher than what you're going to get from teddy bridgewater however valleys are also a hell of a lot lower. Yeah he is not a or has not been terribly efficient quarterback he will make mistakes he will give your he will give your defense opportunities to create turnovers he will..

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