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My whole thing. Is this sir call. He's he's trying to pull up and chop load. Well maybe the maybe calling brother. Five seven zero ninety two six nine five zero. Cut this nonsense out. That have no idea. Who added maybe thinking barbie barbie decided. Let's just just the just just calling bro. Five seven zero nine eight two six now because you can be. I know you're do to chat room but stop it it out I want to slice of pizza. Johnny whipple is this. I know like a really good with garlic on it Hell no he not. That's because he is not related to as we all know that he all going on Wichita falls you don't know who's who knew which are family automate. Mostly his kids he. He's from newer late. Jacqueline good morning to you. Hey coach. Jacqueline live long. Because jacqueline live long is now a lotta jacqueline's out there and that name is I don't think they're using that name anymore. That the name. Jacqueline really hot in the seventies in the eighties in the nineties. Done now so live long. Jacqueline whole name of ood. Cobbler's tanna washington is your heating. And you're good morning to you. Shutouts who nelson adrian. Hey nelson good morning. Markus mr one emoji johnson. It's in the building. Hey marcus and schick dixon. Schick william dash somebody kid fixing. Because i don't mean dixon jabril. Melissa family was probably my my little cousins. Those are things that i have seen in the building today. If you guys wanna get shouted out you know just come on and say hi. that's right. We truly appreciate all guys definitely make sure that you stay connected with us the every morning show featuring the wakeup team business page. Make sure that you like and follow that on facebook. we also have a group page. That's connected off. That the sean harvey wanting show featuring wake of team group. The group is papa. Make sure you guys address up at fifty friends. We add people you just met. I'm a vitamin to the group. Share your funny memes and videos. we also have Were also on youtube. Make sure you follow us on their shots. The tiny hold them down over there on the youtube to make sure i subscribe and join us over. There were also on iheartradio. Also on comedy worldnet. Shut out to angel and crystal out there in las vegas. Make shake as Follow them over there and we truly appreciate shit like and follow this page. Sharee will thank you so much. Laser appreciate you guys. Okay so Sunday september twenty six twenty twenty one We have in sean heavy feature wakeup team charity bowling tournament down bar Done lanes at Thirty seven hundred a saint Nicholas street in eastern pennsylvania. We the doors opened up at twelve noon. We start bowling at four. I mean one. Pm and it goes to four In the afternoon we have several local businesses that are involved in this with teams. And we're excited about that. And we are donating all monies to this event to the allentown rescue a men's rescue center and allentown and also mission safe harbor in eastern. So guys if you want to donate or you wanna participate. Feel free to get in touch with myself. Or or sean oliver for your donations so we already have six teams involved already. We've got to show harvey show team We have indigo allows. We have the iron mule Jackson cafe more scratch juice. Oh my whole thing is this is if you want to get involved in this event Hit one of us up in In we're going to go for fun on and for a great cause on a sunday. September twenty six in eastern pennsylvania. So we'll put the Are posted in chapel today. And we're talking about it. We're accepting donations if you can make it. If you can't make this event we were kylie act for you to donate some of my comedian friends. Donate as well so. We're doing this for a cost. So your come on now and have a good time. Best of both worlds tober teeth. At the i eight thirty one south delaware dr como now the after party will be hosted by the one and only will tracks so we will come on. We're gonna have a great time So that some Sunday october thirty seventeen. We would love for you guys to come on now. Also ultimate sole escape twenty. Twenty two is on deck. I'll have the flyer this weekend and all information. If you haven't been went to put ultimate sole twenty two thousand one we had a great time now again. deposits lowest. Two hundred dollars to get you going. And we're really saw the information the end locations where we're going in a few weeks but come on out the ultimate sole escaping your boy sean. Harvey be the building sharp morning. Show all your folks. have you wanna come on out. Let's have a good time so we'll talk about that. Also at the i. If you got a comedy show that i am. You'll as well. September twelve man bill lee from the howard stern show. He's in the building. So your komo out. Let's have a good time. So sending i guess what we're doing right now. We're do some coming spec sat out the mark hall. Diane hope it is the okay page with jay front front-page news why that's the double in. Why can't she got she got shop. Jay typically always look jay. She got the zone. Yeah i have the news. I'm i'm getting started with Some weird news for you guys really quickly a frenchwoman is arrested on charges of stealing from corpses at funeral home. A woman in northern france has been arrested for allegedly stealing jewelry off a corpse while attending a wake at a funeral home. While at the funeral home last week family members of the deceased notice unidentified woman they reported that the woman reportedly interest sixties claim to be a friend of their relative so they allowed her to be alone near the open. Casket have a moment to grieve. However when the family returned they notice that their loved ones rain hearings and necklace was missing and alerted authorities during their investigation. Police learned that the mysterious woman live nearby the parlor and they found the jewelry and access codes to enter rooms at the funeral home. In addition they spotted the missing while it from another deceased person and multiple death notices. It was unclear how the woman intends to plead to the theft charges. And she's expected to go to court sometime next year. Very strange ma'am. I guess she figured this is an easy thing to do because.

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