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Each joe keil way oh he's watching out for you or your brand rings things that everybody's out there to be the first everybody wants to be number one and right i had at first i was the want you need bvb it's our culture now it's what we want so win micheals when kalisz has clearly established as avenue for himself uh breaking news guy you know in to see somebody else get it um why not so i understand from the local water thing we've got a bit of a shot in the mouth with their but nevertheless i everybody trying to break a story to sean bean everybody strategy for so long they're all i'm saying is just be happy for the other guy it doesn't diminish you just be happy for the other guy and move on because mike klis is fed a lot of insider information from patrick smyth and all those guys up there at the valley so he's broken plenty of stories just be happy for the other guy it's karma or whatever some of before hugo uh question about air force do you star area on worth men or isaiah centers on a unforeseen if necessary coaching football if i am troy go in this car right now um uh i would sort i want to read you absolutely one hundred percent and know what you out with area where you have a dynamic rudder eight improving passer you have mark leader met football team who right now is backed up you have a senior class that didn't give enough time out on the field in the three years prior to playing football under the uh massive a senior class that they came in behind and you know today kowloon he did not exactly laments but it was in a roundabout way of saying gee he said he wished he could have more time with these guys that being said what what do you mean by that was these coming into that our prime and now i gotta i gotta wish fall away go up or service them with more time coaching football and playing football i think we'd.

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