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For sure so uh you know you got we're about midway through the season now i mean what what are we you know what are we predict what what are you what are you see the rest of this year going into this weekend in texas than there and then for you guys and your team i mean you know what's going to take to repeat long beach i mean if if you look at the first after seat in i don't think he can critic anything that presented so cool bugging encouraged christian regret now that it's so competitive and you know we cut the car a car don't street court sister uh there's a couple of course coming after we've been strung out in the past and if you levels coming up within trying out in the past but every thing can change you know in a year aid just don't know one week into the next from one year to the next if uh if the tracks going to be county were not formal we graphic keep our head down and focused on uh you know executing a way to happen and hopefully we can find ourselves up a victory she law all right well i appreciate the time james i know you're busy heading off the texas uh later this week good luck my friend and uh you know definitely toxin all right thanks so much take care all right thanks james all right and that was the mayor hits town james hinchcliffe man talk about a fun guy this is a guy you'd need to be following uh you know whether you're in indycar fan and offroad fan a rally cross fan and nascar fan i don't care inched town man this guy is a a class act glad to have him on the show lots of fun uh hopefully we can do it again some time but to indycar in texas this weekend and we'll be back after this on the down a dirty radio show powered by polarised razer.

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