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Kevin has that Super Bowl. Migraines are they debilitate you? Impossible. Yes they do. And I don't even know if I've had like a full on real migraine, the ones that like. Yeah, your vomit on Shit and yet done. Knock on wood but I had something very uncomfortable yesterday that. Suck. Anyway Hey guys what the fuck man? Hey, what's a hurricane? Well, what not? Everybody. Stuff what the fuck, fuck? Hey, what the fuck welcome to the valley guys. Hey what the fuck and welcome to the valley cast. Freezer ready for you guys can hang on everybody's shut up I'm doing fucking intro for saying Oh gosh that's so horrible to hear shut your fucking mouth everybody shut the fuck up. So here's what's happening worse with the belief everyone shut. I won't say it again shut the fuck up. Here's what's going on. Welcome to the valley cast you might be noticing, Hey, here's a fucking almost two hour long video on the on the main youtube channel. That's weird. Well, it's been a while, but we're back to posting this whole big Ole Menagerie on the main youtube channel on the valley footed words data. Good word welcome back. Welcome back everybody I. Some of you may be like Holy Shit I forgot you did this. Show because we have a new channel I, don't know if you know that it's not really new, but it might be new for you. It's called the valley cast channel and that's where a lot of our podcast content has been living and still lives and this show was over there for a bit because we're trying to. We're we're trying to grow shit we're trying to we have these experimented with stuff. We have pipe dreams about having maybe a valley folk podcast network. We're cute and any day now in our sponsors were threatening to pull that we didn't get enough views. Cool about listen. We were GONNA, get to that but I just wanted to get to well to the cool thing. We're doing what we were in danger of losing a lot of money. Listen I just wanted to welcome everybody back to the full valley cast on the main channel. Explain why we're doing it Elliott just you know he didn't WanNa put a little finesse on it you. Just, say I want to. The Patriots shut. Had One last episode was on the main channel and the look you guys know the last episode went up on the main shade yeah. Yeah. Yeah Yeah but now we're all back get back to the incredible incredible listen. No one is not gonNA click on a video with just me and you Joe or God forbid just you and so now in one it's all of us and we have Kevin Plank he are wonderful. Creative person editor shooter extraordinaire and I gotTa be honest with you guys. If I could if I may first of all I, know you guys know this don't talk to me till I had my morning Avi and second of all. Kevin you and I have never been on a podcast. I know we were talking about really live. This is the first. It's the first time in this. Yeah I don't know if I like it because I. The only reason I started was because of a Steve's Steve podcast in the first place. Well, tonight, you guys I really started. About this in passing and not a lot. But I thought about how like. Why haven't we been on a cast together yet and I think it's just worked out that way on my end if feels like it's just happened that way naturally but I also can't help but feel like your avoiding being on a podcast with. Because This is how we all connected through. It's like don't eat your heroes, right? Thinks. So podcasts and now that he's on with you, he's going out the truth man Joe. Highly edited. Kevin's own editing and saving the podcast. Elliott, Joe. I'm glad you said don't meet your heroes because not only is this the first time Kevin and I are on a podcast together. This is the first time Kevin and I are meeting so nice to meet you. Thank you. Yeah. I'm a big fan of your work your work man you've been editing our stuff for like four years now and it's like, yeah, nice to meet you finally to put a face to the editor you now you guys have been ships in the night. For. Sure always dismissing. Excited because I'm sure you guys did the fucking already like Kevin. What's your story? Where where'd you go to school and Shit because you guys have done the podcast with Kevin so we won't do that Shit, but I also maybe have you. We kinda did but we don't have to. Ask the hard hitting. Go to here's the thing I know what you Kevin Defile here's the thing I respect and admire Kevin and I. Think you're an incredible artist, incredible creative editor and I am it's it's an absolute pleasure to to be. Under your banner of creativity but But and I think it's interesting to know where the fuck all like wh, what's your inspirations and where the fuck did you what? What's your story because? I know there's a lot of people listening to this probably feel exactly the same way that the three of us do about Kevin and I we all share the same feelings about how creative and great you are. But I'm sure there's people listening to this show that are like, all right. How do I become a cabin where to Kevin Starr? What's all Kevin Shit and so so how are you remaining inspired during all of this cabin? Thank you for being here. It's weird to think. Like where I started because, I feel like I've just been doing it constantly. But. Yeah, the inspiration I you know that's really weird. I'm finding myself at least through quarantine I can't get inspired by shows or movies anymore like watching shows and stuff for me has been like it's gone the only way I can feel like a sense of enjoyment was stuff right now is with music. Interested. A ton of. Music. Do you think it's because you're kinda tapped out on video content because were so stuck in our homes that video shit and visual shit is just on constant loop twenty, four hour that it's this idea that the magic is gone whenever I watched something like Oh, yeah. It's because like. I'm just constantly nit-picking anything I. See now you're watching it all with a critical eye damn critical I yeah. Way congrats to critical eye and making millions on. So. Much money. Can what I mean are you like me in terms of listening to music in? So much as you only listen to run the jewels, one hundred percents the now or Elliott and other things as well. I listened to other things by Elliott sense as. Run the jewels and I've been obsessed ever since I'm I'm near. You I would've never expected you to be somebody who would enjoy that type of music. I'm my by their T. shirts. T shirts. That's a big deal I. Don't think you even have a Weezer t-shirt. I do. But especially me I. Just there's certain. There's something about it. That is just really really good and the be is super good. The lyrics are super good. He Does A. Pocket I'm real obsessed right now. Yeah I'm glad to hear that. What else are you listening to? You gotTa Love Angry Angry Intelligent lyrics in a time where you're angry intelligence. Dark. Listen. I'll listen now because I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

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