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Dan Maskell. Avoiding, save. You've not heard it. Can tell you what it's different to. It's very different to. Should be so lucky by collier. No Aga- do by catch Google when I'm cleaning windows, George formby and Franz Schubert's eighteen sixteen chart-topping DANCEFLOOR banger listen I off deaths fests alison. It's more similar perhaps in subtexts to George formby with my little Ukulele and my hand but even more sexually confident and assertive than than fully I think the song it is most unlike is probably Snooka loopy by the match up with Chazan Dave, which was a group of white men singing jauntily about Snooka which I think is the most opposite possible piece of music to lap by quality and making these stallion. One of my favorite things on the Bugle is Andy has to talk about pop. It was. Like Watching an alien trying to blend in with the Sign up doing my research about about cal debate us one of the most influential musical artists in the world right now in my book will be a book that I've printed out from her wikipedia page a few things about Cardi. B.. Cardi B. is not the same as KGB That's very important to remember that She took performance names birth name call debate from Cardigan Bay in Wales. Famed for its long sandy beaches, numerous campsites, diverse marine life. She has actually written an as yet unreleased of songs about the culture and economy of the town of Aboriginal with and places US L. firmly in the tradition of the Welsh stead. So so But. If the the Proposal. That's the US national anthem should be whatever happens to be top of the billboard one, hundred chart that week I mean that would we'd have seen some sensationally awkward faces this week if that had been the case in. Baseball players holding that caps over that CA- jungles. I The song the song is so popular and Raunchy that it was viewed eighty million times in the first week and There are a lot of reasonable responses to a song about wet pussy. This makes me feel that I need some time to myself is perfectly reasonable response. This is not for me is also valid response. But Bench Ben Shapiro whose Online personality, anti-feminist right wing Patriot who really puts. In, my country to. decided that that he was so offended that he so he tweeted out that his doctor wife told him that anyone's who's pussy. So wet that it needs a bucket, a mop to clean up requires medical attention because they probably have bacterial notice or a yeast infection conservatives has so much difficulty imagining women enjoying their own sexuality but the possibly they can imagine is well, actually this is false plus these don't get wet unless they're broken. and. And so what they're telling us is that they have no first hand experience of women being. So turned on in their presence that their body might have a common physiological response and that telling this fact to the public is a shrewd political strategy to win the culture war. I love. Ironically, the more I listened to Bend Shapiro, the drier at Golf. One lert really stood out for me. I mean having read the lyrics which I believe were lifted straight from an early Woody Guthrie Song. was. Funny the end macaroni and apart I'm which does suggest that whole thing was just disappointing product placement for Gerald's instant pastor meals..

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