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Live, local breaking facing the charges. I'm Cliff Albert in the Coke. A new set of a Coronado Man is in a federal court this afternoon in connection with the capital riot back in January, 6th 33 year old Geoffrey Alexander Smith was arrested by the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force. On Tuesday, the FBI tells us Smith is charged with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds and entering a restricted federal building. The number of new coronavirus cases in the city. Go county continues a downward trend, the county today reporting 1489 new cases. The daily case numbers now been below 4 2006 of the last seven days. But the county also reported 69 new deaths from covert 19, bringing that total now to more than 2,502,534 now since the pandemic began. County Supervisors chair Nathan Fletcher's saying this afternoon. The county does have good news about the vaccinations going on. We had said in initial goal we felt was aggressive at the time. We said in January we wanted to administer 250,000 vaccines. I can share with you that today we have administered more than 269,000 vaccine. Fletcher says The new vaccination superstation at Cal State San Marcos will start taking appointments on Saturday and opens on Sunday. He says superstation side of the East County is expected be open next week. Meantime, doctors that script says people don't need to worry about allergic reactions to the Corona virus Vaccines. Dr Ron Simon was scripts Health in San Diego, says his group of Allergists has found no issues with any reactions. Every single patient that was alleged to have had an allergic reaction. It's Crips has gone on and gotten their second destination was absolutely no incident whatsoever. So this to reassure the public that used to incredibly rare and no matter whatever else they're allergic to. Maybe they have some very severe other allergies that has no correlation with an allergic reaction to the Cleveland back means the CDC saying only 4 to 10 people out of every million that ever seen If the shots have a suspected allergic reaction to the Fizer and Moderna vaccines, well below the rates for normal allergies, Jack Cronin Coco News of the Biden administration, may require Cove it 19 tests before domestic airline flights. The administration says they're actively looking at that possibility it would be an expansion of the mandatory testing requirement of travelers coming into the US from other countries. All travelers flying to the U. S. Must now provide proof of a negative covert 19 test school districts like setting a unified will not be reopening despite the state lifting that regional stay at home order. The Centers for Disease Control says evidence indicates schools can be safe if precautions are taken on campus and in the community. San Diego Unified School District Board President Richard Barrera says the studies say the spread is minimal. If you mask and social distance, he says they have been doing their own due diligence since August, we reach that he would team of scientists that UCSD give us guidance. The.

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