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CBS news. I'm John Kelly. Well, thank you, John talk to you later. It's ten ten. The NYPD has released a photo of a fourteenth suspect. Now wanted in connection with the killing of LA, Sandra. Guzman Felise this unclear what role the new suspect. Played in the killing of the Bronx teenager back in June. Twenty year old Frederick van is said to be a member of the trinitaria gang behind the murder. Thirteen people have been charged so far queens boulevard. It's no longer the boulevard of death. That title now belongs to northern boulevard were seventy year old man was killed in a hit and run this past weekend. The advocacy group transportation alternatives says there have already been four pedestrian depths on northern boulevard this year and five last year transportation Commissioner Polly trot. Burg says the city is done a lot in the past five years to make northern boulevard safer, but admits a lot more needs to be done. She says she hopes to come up with a list of improvements that can be quickly implemented later this year. And it'll be up to voters in Jersey City to. Aside the fate of the statue honoring polish World War Two victims. The city council was due to vote yesterday and whether to repeal a decision to move the memorial, but the measure didn't get the five votes needed to pass because five council members abstained the statue has stood at exchange place in downtown Jersey City for three decades mayor Steven Fulop wants to move it. Because of a planned redevelopment of the waterfront plaza. W CBS news time ten eleven warning over seventy five percent of Americans are dangerously deficient in omega three fatty acids, and you're probably one of them omega..

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