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This process was both very short and very long depending on how you look at it and who you are it could have been a six month process or one on your process or a four year process and now for some tips and tricks and chips and dips up's not really because chips and dips should not be consumed during audio recording unless you were actually recording someone eating chip as a sound effect which we did otherwise otherwise chips gives you mouth noise and dips give you flam which is not recommended for voice acting eat an apple and drink some water. Here are some random tips use for audio. Maker newbies like me some things. I learned some things I did well and some things I'd do differently tip number one record at least three three takes of each scene even when you don't feel like it and your ears are killing you. Three should be the minimum for us. The third take was almost always the best and you'll want several backups in case you need to Frankenstein missing together for master builder. I divided each longer seen into short singlets usually based on entrances and exits. We recorded three takes of each scene. Lit With coaching from me. In between at the end of the third take we recorded any extra sounds. We might need an isolation such as sipping coughing laughing sniffing group laughter group applause etc tip number two. It's a great idea to record all the actors making all those sounds so record all of them laughing in several ways breathing sighing gasping humming sniffing sleeping harrumphing eating drinking and crying. It's best if they do those during the scenes but it's good to have them record all of the effects again later later basically record all vocalisations with breath that the actors could possibly make it is odd how much you need those to insert in the Post Production Chin dialogue gaps tip number three this tip is for the eating and drinking scenes for at least one take record the actors actually eating and drinking while saying their lines now your recording studio might have feelings about this so check with them. My experience was that if you retroactively add eating sounds inbetween between clean lines. It seems like some random person is in the room eating a snack and watching the show. It's really creepy tip number number four do not look as a director whatever you do don't look at the actors while they are recording the scene as a director. It's essential essential to only listen through your headphones. Allow yourself no visual feedback. The scene will sound completely different when you are watching and you'll be able to monitor for more nuanced tones of voice and identify confusing bits and inconsistencies in the script you might be surprised by how much information formation we receive through non verbal visual cues so an example of that would be a shrug if I can see you. Shrug is a pretty clear answer to a question Russian if I can't see you. Shrug sounds like nothing. Maybe a clothing shift mostly. It sounds like you didn't hear the question or you aren't answering the question at all. It's easier to catch those non verbal response gaps if you're listening without watching and if you want to add in a verbal shrug that could sound like I know that many audio dramas record remotely in the actors don't perform in the room together but for now at least I prefer my actress to be able to look at each other and that they come in with their scripts mostly memorized so they aren't reading that way. The text is there for reference in. It's not a crutch they can look up and connect with each other and that seems to make a big difference tip number five for recording time more is better with the exception -ception of two of my people the cast of masterbuilder had already rehearsed and performed this piece on stage so they were coming in strong and ready and we'd also had add two or three rehearsals prior to the recording days so we could move with a purpose when we really got in front of the Mike's even so. I wish I had scheduled more recording time. I scheduled eight hours and used ten hours. Thank you actors. Thank you chatterbox studio and in retrospect. I wish I'd actually scheduled twelve hours of recording time spread over three days with an extra day scheduled for pickups and some Foley work is scheduled no time for pickups yikes. Luckily my actors were really solid. We didn't need to go back and re record but that could have been a huge problem tip number six. Give everyone a break not not just the talent in my giant. Excel spreadsheet I scheduled breaks for the actors but no breaks myself my audio engineer or my. PA so by the end of each recording day I thought I was going to throw up from listening so intently for so many hours without a break. Do not do that to yourself. If you're the director and do not do that to your staff some other things that I would do differently from the beginning and these are things that I plan to do differently as I start working on my next audio drama number one create a floor plan. It turns out that despite being an oral medium you and your sound designer and your actors need to know the layout of the room or the place where the action is taking place. You need to know where the doors are. Where the people are you still need a set design and general blocking for the action in order order for it to make sense number two. I would build the sound world ahead of time and in tandem with preparing for the recording days. I think it would have been more proficient to run the process less linearity. I thought of it in terms of one step in the next in the next in other words. I had to hear the voices before before building the world. A better choice could have been to amass the sound world either ahead of time or simultaneously with the rehearsals recording days and to be working composers from the beginning to set the tone number three release the whole thing at once. If I could go back in time time I would release the entire masterbuilder audio drama at once rather than waiting a week in between episodes especially because they were only two. It's my hunch inch that people are really into the netflix model of binging on an entire season in a weekend so if there's a delay in the release dates you may lose listeners and they're listening momentum so today is September Eighteenth Twenty nineteen eighteen when I'm recording this episode and I can tell you that masterbuilder audio drama has been listened to all over the world and in most of the United States our download numbers creep up every day as a theater maker. It's been very difficult to be patient with listeners getting around to finding finding the time to sit down and listen when he's alive event like theater audience members feel a sense of urgency to show up on one night because if they don't they miss it with something evergreen and lasting like an audio drama that sense of urgency disappears so it feels like there's a constant need to stay in front of potential attention listeners and remind them and keep reminding them that the audio drama is waiting. I literally cannot say enough about our word delightful and talented sound designer edith snow who painted an awesome oral picture to support the narrative and who was very patient with me the actors and knocked the voice acting out of the Park Penny Miles wrote original music that lends mood and legitimacy due to the whole dramatic endeavor and is the music. You've been hearing throughout this episode. Our whole team was amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people. masterbuilder felt like an exhausting and exhilarating adventure in a brand new artistic medium like most things it was a lot got more work than I thought it would be. It took a lot more time than I thought it would take and it was a lot more fun than I ever imagined. Thanks for listening. Hey friends. I'm excited to announce that our second full length. Audio drama is in development. The New Colossus is an original adaptation of Anton Anton Chekhov's classic play the Seagull and it's GonNa be amazing. We have cast. We have a team. We have a script and recording days and we are rolling. I'm asking you to support in the audio. Drama and artists please.

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