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Chris is in discovery bay, Chris you're on the lario to show. Thank you so much for calling. I appreciate it. Hey, Larry. Good to hear your voice and talk to you again. Pleasure. I received my first mind pillow from you with your brother. Some years ago and I still have that same mind pillow. Absolutely. I saw a video today. I watched the Gavin Newsom getting his guster shot. And as I'm watching the video on listening, they're basically making it a commercial. I'll say it is and the effectiveness and it's been tested. He of course got the G and J and he was going to get the Moderna booster and they were basically explaining how you can mix and match. And it's okay to mix and match the different ones for a booster and it's going to be half versus one third or whatever. So just before he's about to get stabbed, he says, and I got my flu shot just one week ago. And I'm like, he just said he got a 6 shot when we go. And he goes, and everybody should go out and get their flu shot. Absolutely, he says, just before getting the jabs, then he gets a job. And then, of course, I heard the news today. And I'm like, there's a connection. There's something going on there. Chris, there is something going on. I didn't know about the flu shot part. Mitch McConnell, you can take a look at the video of him getting the shot. I think we're talking on October 27. Let's see if he mentions that he got the flu shot a week ago. The report that I just now read from that website run by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. did not say that. Chris thank you very much for that. Something's going on. What could possibly stop this man from attending this climate change conference? Everybody's there. Everybody. John Kerry's there. Barack Obama's there gave a speech today. Criticized China in Russia for not being there. And California leads a nation in efforts to quote fight climate change. Look at that camera. That is legitimate..

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