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Mary him. So thirty four degrees in Chicago under mostly cloudy skies going down to a low of twenty nine degrees. Our top local story on NewsRadio. WBZ m heavy snow has been falling for much of the Chicago area, and surrounding suburbs. Not so much near the lakefront with the latest on the winter storm and weather warnings. Here's AccuWeather meteorologist Carl babinski. L mariam. Yeah. The rain that was occurring along the lakeshore and lake fronted, basically has changed a snow in some areas. But there hasn't been a total change over across much of northwest. Indiana. This gradual process noticing on current Doppler radar the bands of heavy snow that we're impacting areas west of Chicago about four hours ago. The now weakening a bit but moving through northeastern, Illinois, so. The low pressure system responsible for this intense storms located in eastern, Indiana. Now, we still will encounter gusts of up to forty five miles per hour this morning, that's why blizzard warning remains in effect poor visibility due to the blowing snow, and although it's a heavy wet snow. It's gonna leave behind quite a mess to clean up after six as much as twelve inches in parts of Cook County and all points north and west along the lakefront, obviously earlier rain will cut into the accumulation of potential which will only be around three inches. I think by the time all is said and done still owe very messy a lake shore flood warning is in effect until noon today. So the wind will not be quitting, even though the snow will in a few hours, and we'll be cold with temperatures no higher than the low thirties later today. Miriam thank you so much. That's accuweather. Meteorologist Carl babinski. WBZ news time a three.

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