Mr. Muller, West Virginia, Buzzfeed discussed on Mark Levin


They are very off the biggest. Careful careful now the biggest former cage to the American people are these people. Okay. Let me tell you something. Jimmy, let me tell you what areas. Do you drive drive all over the country? Do you drive a few states? What do you do drive all over the country right now, I'm coming out of West Virginia? Maryland. Well, you know, the weather's gonna start changing a little while you better, be careful. That's fine. I'm not worried about that. Don't worry about the weather. You know what? You know, what I worry about other people driving when I'm driving. Couple of months ago when I was driving from north jersey back Virginia, I went through a back way. And apparently, it's the way truckers go. There were want one eighteen Wheeler after another after another after another after another and I pulled over to a Burger King and. Just the nicest guys a couple of even came up to me just the nicest guys in the world. I want to thank you. I think we have a lot of truckers are listening to this program. Hi, this is President Mr Trump. God bless you. Thank you for you to and I don't get enough credit in support Belichick American people behind you on this. Okay. Because now you just took the man and the play off the democrat. Fake, Nick, schmaltz Pelosi. Thomas people I've ever seen. My friend. I appreciate it. Looks like there's breaking news Muller. Debunks the BuzzFeed store you want to see if you can find that Mr. producer. Yeah. Well, maybe they got a little nervous because I felt that a leak investigation should occur in the Muller office. But let's make sure I'm seeing headlines on the TV screen, and I gotta make sure this stuff's accurate. So if it's a story Muller debunks, the BuzzFeed story, we'll see. And I I would argue that part of the reason, and they never do that they allow these rumors to go on and on is because I have been demanding from the department of Justice that they go ahead and give lie detector tests to Mr. Muller and his staff to find out because if they're documents if there's texts if there's emails that they're being read into this one and the other one that means it's coming from Mahler's office. It can't be coming from any other place. The media ran with this all day long..

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