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That loves that kind of stuff so what i'm calling out really is specifically not all liberals but the late night hosts especially and the leftwing comics by continually quoting trump's foul behavior and statements the guy is he's asleep ball and and he's a liar who just can't help line he's also crafty so i'll just leave it right there for now and the late night hosts rail against him how horrible he is two women the mean things he says to women i my god this guy should not be president because he says horrible an ugly things carly fiorina can you believe that face do you want that to be the face oh my goodness look at that face should not be the face of a president of our of our country and that's something he said about carly fiorina so you have columnist on the left side of politics you've got late night hosts and such chartres there appalled that that we would have a president who says he's kind of things and so they decide to emulate that behavior they do the same thing they say things that are nasty that are ugly but no but it's a roast a roast that's fine but understand where i'm coming from kev and that is this they're building their programs they're building their persona based upon the concept that they are the resistance to that which is foul and disgusting and horrible they they are are the defenders of good taste and they're resisting this horrible person in the presidency and they do that by body shaming excoriating an insulting women who are republicans and conservatives that's what that's the point and i know liberals say or republicans do trump trump.

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