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That's awesome Brad Pitt and so it was like sort of more of an action adventure version of tales from the crypt would have been cool but never APP reboot it <hes>. I think now that T._v.. So good people like the the concept of anthologies less appealing because they're blowing up more. Now I see we'll mini. Mini series are the idea of of an anthology was like wait. I can get Dick Donner to do one episode of TV year and he'll bring in his stable of actors and so I can have an all star forty minutes show everyone does he have any what about Black Mirror anthology black mirrors matter dude boy. Oh boy is it an anthology. Though it is yeah I and a lot of these shows are like anthology seasonal anthology right now where it's like. It's one season in the next few years definitely the exception to the rule but I I mean I love anthologies. I wish they were on all the time like short stories. They keep trying to do amazing stories. The remember that these stories was bad. It was bad but they I keep trying to Redo it. I think test from the crypt was the only successful because it was on H._B._O.. Violence and and like it was great twilight zone tales no boobs. obscenely wasted our for Young Ryan after senior William Saturday School Amaro just it was brilliant to have that guy fucking puppeteer appear to like it was such a great choice <hes> anyway. I can't get lost talking about the fucking crypt keeper but that is one of my outfits so this Fed ed guys talking to Serrano's number two is being recorded. Powers boothe is in a fucking van outside tapping the phone to Sorrento's restaurant so he's got the fucker on tape making the deal to hand over the kid at at the shadiest alley in all of Chicago. What's that alley that has all those buildings that no one lives in that we could all be in the windows outside the lot fucking Los Angeles one with just a payphone on pay phone filled with fucking empty cardboard board boxes so they agent Stewart he's there? That's our fucking dude from two fisted tales of vice president he he's at the phone booth and powers boothe shows up interrupts the hand off and is like getting a fucking car. If you WANNA keep breathing kid hey. You're my son now at that. Luckily into your child seat you sit in the back and I'll sit in the back on the on the phone removed kid all the all the plans of the bag is involve all right everyone hide and when I say go come slowly staggering out of where you're hiring then setup bad guys good guys rate the rate of all time bringing back so shit goes bad like right away the bad guys show up late and they're all like in buildings and they start shooting these empty cardboard boxes. Jake jumped into some boxes and guys are just fucking sprain garbage and he builds like a car out of the boxes and drives away and it's it's actually pretty cool. Jayco disarms a guy and does some fucking John Woo shit stories like double barreled shoot guy takes show puts ten rounds in a dude's chaz jumps into powers boothe is key booths car and powers Judaica cheerios back their powers boothe by the way also in insanely insanely good shot. His name is Great Mace Ryan. That's fucking one for the books Ace Ace God. That's my fucking son's name Mace Rogers. I can't do Mace Ace Gabriel. It's too it's too similar. Yeah staggered to like alliterative towards the end their Pailin Dramatic Mace Mace Ryan and then this fucking chase can mace. It's like guaranteed. He's going to be a disappointment Mason Glenn the two names or you're just like this kid's fault yet. Mace gets kicked out as either gets kicked out of school or is like only interested in shit. You can't stand as an actor and prefers to be called Moss uh-huh mispronounced class. She's lost native Spanish for more. I'm just thinking this right now..

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