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And to take a very very proactive look at how to create this next generation of technology, which is necessary to move China beyond this middle income trap that they're very concerned this moment. So people shouldn't take this. As a as a pullback really what it is there. She is trying to allow more market forces come in. It comes at a time when, you know, quite frankly, in international investment is very weary. Very leery of everything in China represents a very good market long-term. So miss the the industry minister, he talk about that challenges for technology for technology manufacturers, and he's dressed noting. They need to survive a so called quote unquote valley of death as they seek to turn. In laboratories samples into mass production. So in your opinion. How should we understand this term valley of death? We'll miss the way, you know, first of all, you know, the industry's transformation in China for the low end low value products into the Mohi battle area. However, if you see the industry itself, the cost space is the higher the higher, for instance, materials and a human cost and also other things is a very hot other fine. I will say they are mental challenge. And also, you know, the the policy charge is very high. So if you do know, you know, work off this so called the value of that has that's me as the mall industry will be a really fast in the near future. So tackle this issue. I think government's trying to at the same time gross the industry gross that value chain from the lower too. Hi radio and say on trying to help the industry now, especially full the small and medium size enterprise to survive from this big move, you know, globalization actually, give China chums more opportune Hayes and the same time so China. Indeed. So I know what is your understanding? Well, I mean, quite frankly, the valley death literary luge in death valley. There's a place where the charge of the light brigade. And there was also place in Poland. So when you start looking at it, they're all negative entities. And what I think he's talking about this the sense that it is very difficult to move from a micro and to keep it has an idea into something that is fully producing it. And he's encouraged people to buck the chances to get involved find find ways to be innovative, and he's he's really pointing towards the market. This is been a little bit different in the past people, especially people in China haven't tendency to kind of follow the government, see where they're going and -ticipant and get out in front of it in this case, they're saying look, it's time for innovation. Small medium size enterprises are really the the light blood. You know ninety percent of new hires now every. Thing that China is hoping for is going to depend on that. So he's he's I it's a very negative connotation away. But he's trying to use it in a way to turn courage people to take the risks. And so missed the e I know already talked about the importance of these small and medium sized companies, especially from the from the private sector. I guess so the industry minister Melwood also said that small and medium sized companies will play a big role in the innovation of China's industrial sector in reality. How the think China can make this happen?.

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