Sexton, Alabama, Knicks discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show


I still would probably pick sexton over him at an alabama but i'm not so sure anymore is just something for the new york knicks to consider along with the fans out there who love him and if you're the los angeles lakers if lonzo ball on the shooter damn ball if he's satisfied averaging putting in four points a night they get somebody who won't be let's not make excuses i'm not talking about a lot lonzo ball's game i'm talking about his aggression i need to see more of the nine apologizing for it now one bit edit eight say espn it's edited seven to nine three seven seven six we'll talk about that more as the show progresses today by the way when i say dollar shave club at the first thing that pops into your head is an amazing affordable shaved and i'm about to blow your mind dollar shave club delivers to you everything you need to look smell and feel your best shampoo body wash toothpaste and of course the best raises i've ever used for mindblowing experience join dollarshaveclub today for just five dollars with free shipping you'll get the six blade executive razors plus trial sizes of shave butter body cleanser and one wipe charlies then keep the blades come for a few bucks a month get yours at dollarshaveclub dot com slash steve day that's dollarshaveclub dot com slash stephen that's what a p h not a v craving even more of stephen hamill all fateful for around the clock access to the man how you can follow him on twitter and instagram at stephen a smith and facebook at stephen espn radio presented by progressive insurance with more than thirty unique coverage options available progressive no small business.

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