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The faithbased nonprofit provides aid to thousands of homeless people every day here the city of bellingham took down the signs for the picket bridge named after an army officer who built four bellingham but later joined the confederacy into civil war city leaders made the decision monday after the violent white nationalist protest in charlottesville in the days after that vote swastikas started showing up around town goma's tammy mutaza has more from bellingham i am pair please leave only life sgr the chunk wallet leap in legal is a place where people the words that inspire snapping great method is salle it's weird when something for us and that she means the swastika in irian pride symbol splashed on the wall it just makes you if gross agresson was a swastika didn't just pop up at the cafe this week another swastika on the side of the third planet shopping downtown and one showed up in freshly poured concrete at roosevelt elementary school people are totally disgusted whether or not and if you're writing just looking perry act they are not totally disgusted by the community says the symbols of hate don't represent who they are we all want their money where the mayor is condemning the hate speech saying not in our city and we talked about owning ham city council president michael lilic worst about what may have fuelled the vandalism weather modest and from the charlottesville protest or the city decision to rename the bridge is really hard to know what's going on but either way is disturbing as far as the decision to rename the bridge the city council president tells us a lot of people felt uncomfortable with the idea of it'd be named after a person who fought on the side of slavery of frightening scene played out at skyway park bull where two men were shot and killed early friday morning callers reported hearing gunshots from the bar area of the bowling alley just before one a m a fifty nine year old man in a 24yearold man were shot multiple times please don't think this was a random act of violence than that the men may have known each other meanwhile nearby business owner raj singh says they're tired of the shooting violence in the.

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