China Lake, G. P. S., Goldstone Station discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Three eight seven seven seven three three one zero one one here's what we know about what went on during the earthquakes last week the earthquakes that happened were centered in an area called China lake naval air weapons station okay both earthquakes were centered there earthquakes surrounding the area were forming in a grid pattern which makes a suspect just prior to the earthquakes China lake was doing a GPS jamming session they were actually jamming G. P. S. for a test they said be very powerful jamming GPS technology they were doing the China lake naval air weapons station actually ridgecrest theory there number of men that were there said they saw their power lines glowing during the earthquakes there was a report that Goldstone station an area that NASA uses for dean's face communication was was operational and that a space plane or some other UFO was in the air during the time that this was happening the China lake naval air naval air whether weapons station is a verifiable historical connection has a verifiable historical connection to weather modification programs and if you want to know if it does or doesn't all you have to do is look up the US naval museum of armament technology on their website there's an article about the secret city with the secret city article it states quote from weather modification to satellite delivery systems the contributions at naval air weapons station have not stopped with armament so the biggest question is whether or not geo engineering weapons or GPS testing weapons or some other weapon that was powerful enough tested China lake triggered earthquakes and zap the bees from the sky I have always been questions raised over whether or not whether weapons of the secret weapons could be used for induced seismicity and we know that there are a lot of results on going multi research studies are conducted that actually get conducted by the United States Geological Survey other was when the publisher twenty fifteen that basically has said that Oklahoma has had earthquakes because of fracking our earthquake greats of recently increases according to the U. S. G. S. earthquake rates have recently increased markedly in multiple areas of the central and eastern United States especially in twenty ten and scientific studies of like the majority of these increased earthquakes to wastewater injection in deep disposal wells now there's been speculation the perhaps fracking may have been because of the recent earthquakes in California however there is a reason to believe that the D. I a and other defense agencies have been wrapping up production of special weapons in order to be prepared for any and all possibilities of war with Russia and China now we notice well there was a story that was out produced a job before the earthquakes this stated the Pentagon S. secretly accused Russia of testing no yield.

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