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There's there's two sides to this coin which is you know. After it sold my company efforts old tricks to fox. I founded human ventures with heather hartnett and human was this incarnation of like the the superpower behind all great companies as the people in this kind of very part and parcel saying about art versus science and that successes like you know where human spend their time attention and and what you demand of others in so that was the early early stage in attention was looking at a later. Stage like people are trying to understand the attention economy or their misplaced because they've high-value value attention but they're not valued properly is a really interesting space. And then you know in a covid world it was kind of a full stop and say will what would we think will be very interesting. Post covid and so. I'm still just kind of feeling out right now. we're gonna Few points you mentioned. One is in a previous podcast. You mentioned some digital. You mentioned something along the lines of you to we've we've tended to overvalue what we can measure And so what can't be measured gets undervalued and that goes speaks. Aren't science point at those really interesting yen. i think that's it. that's absolutely. It's very hard to measure. If someone goes to an event next experiential. We all know it. You know you know. It's really sad that we're not going to south by see us in the everyone. Can everyone can make fun. Thank god we're not in vegas right now Thank god and what a crush on. How much of our careers and our connections people we got to know. What is the relationship worth. I mean i don't know how to put a price on it. They you know maybe maybe salesforce and slack figure it out on star together but but they built our careers in your networks on these things and and they're very hard to value and so if they're hard people just kind of throwing. I'll pay for what i can measure and so i believe that there's a class of things out. There that are very hard to measure their undervalued in the market. Wha what's an example that the does mind to make it a big concrete for people. I one of the first things partnered with a james's firm who were lead live aventures on entre. Becca film festival. Right in tribeca son of these things where it's like it just brand that like people recognize. They don't know everything about it. People recognize the brand and that has intrinsic value. Jane rosenbaum's the like knows how to like put together an event and showed that like moves culture like it was founded post nine eleven to bring people back to downtown new york. It's the stories that told it film festival resonate for decades you see a piece of art that gets traded and ten years later someone becomes a you know a cancer research scientists because of something they tell me how you're going to measure that i tell me how you're gonna say i'm gonna show you the of film festival and is i..

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