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Well known generic equivalents. This is not the thing. You know, you go to the gas station, and they have those supplements on the counter like, they're all different colors. I think they're just, you know, just like jelly beans. You know, like nothing that's not what this is four hymns dot com. Welcome back. Good to have you in by the way, cold and flu season. Try vixen. X nasal spray works up to twelve hours. Don't eat it put it in your nose. I did that once the kid bad news. What a show that. I rebuke sooner coach Lincoln Riley Sam Monson, Bill Plachy. Yep. Guess the cabinet Eric Reed finalize their collusion grievances with the NFL money. A lot of people guests on the money. I don't have a strong feeling it away collusion to me. What the hell's collusion? But if they got paid on losing any sleep on it. I know it got a lot of people worked up. I mean the internet. I if you don't really care about capper, Nick. And I don't stay off the internet today. It'll just meltdown shirts melting down right now the money good for him. Good for him. Rick bugler on earlier today. We were talking about, you know, the Anthony Davis thing and are they going to land and Bill Plaski was on ten minutes ago. And he said, I don't think they're gonna land Anthony Davis and Bucur earlier talked about why he thinks the Lakers are in trouble more than other teams what people off in the league about the Lakers. The Lakers are era Ghent about it. The Lakers advertise it Magic Johnson is on late night. TV doing the, wink, wink. Are we interested in Paul George making a joke of it? Lebron is being interviewed and saying, you know, it would be amazing for me to play with Anthony Davis who biggest culprits in doing it advertise that they're doing it. And that's what ticks everybody off. I bow Blache key brought up a point which I think's very fair, and I liked the Braun. But I don't think I don't think he's all in. I don't feel it. Some of it. And I've always kind of felt that with Kevin Durant. He's a warrior, but I feel like Steph Curry's all in forever. Draymond green would be all in forever, unless they moved on didn't wanna pay him big money. But some guys, you know, kyri Irving never feels all in on anybody. And I always felt LeBron bought into Cleveland. Even when he came back, and I thought and I absolutely felt like he bought into Miami. Until the very very end. But I've never it. Just I watch him. And there are nights. He is just not into it. Now, some of that could be. He's sidetracked. Executive producer only fifteen TV shows some of it could be the NBA regular season January early February. Lebron just waiting to get to the playoffs is just waiting to get to the playoffs. And he doesn't have that first six seven year in the NBA joy in zeal every night to go attack some of the just that, but he doesn't and I think it's a fair. I always use that Park City Utah's in Utah. It's not of Utah. They party. They're hard. Lebron doesn't feel like a Laker. He wears the uniform, but he didn't feel all in yet and Bill Plaski set it, and he said people in the Lakers feel it, and I can kind of see it the Atlanta game, it was obvious, and again LeBron's talented enough to get triple doubles. And you, you know, it's just like I watched Michael Jordan in his prime, and he would take. There was no question you could tell when Jordan was into it because that steam would come off his head. He'd have these like six minute bursts where he was just absolutely both ends of the floor run. Let Lewis and Michael will take possessions off it's a long season back. Then it was a physical league mean you were taking a beating..

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