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A deadly encounter during a traffic. Stop on the streets of Philadelphia last year and fresh legal developments. Joining us KYW Steve tower and Steve charges against a former cop arraigned and held without bail. Please. Tell us more grand jury present and found former officer Ryan Fennell shot a man twice in the back while he was unarmed and running away it happened in June of two thousand seventeen after the officers stopped thirty year old David Jones on his dirt bike in the Judy outta section district. Attorney Larry Krassner says the charges are the result of his officers separate investigation that to preserve the results of the grand jury presentiment the secrecy of the grand jury presentiment in the case while friskin the suspect the officer felt a gun and Jones waistband, and then there was a struggle, but Krassner says Jones ran away, and he never turned toward pound all or gestured in a threatening manner during his running away Jones's death. It was not necessary to secure the app retention. The grand jury found. There's no indication how Cornell could have reasonably believed that Jones was still armed and dangerous. According to Krassner Jones's firearm was recovered approximately twenty five feet behind where pound all stood as he fired at Jones. Steve Fennell is charged with criminal homicide, reckless endangerment and possession of a weapon of crime in the DA also saying his office investigated, plenty of other police involved shootings this year alone. Steve the DA's office has looked into nineteen police involved shootings, including three fatal shootings and four with injuries to or accidental ten were dawn shootings Krassner says only the Pinot case warranted criminal charges. Then we asked him, and he said if member if memory serves it's the first time in twenty years that an officer has.

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