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Gas. Yeah office culture yet. It a fun place to where i enjoy it. You know like anything. You gotta work assist you like any job you get out of it which put into and you know we have a lot of. We have a lot of people work. There have been here for thirty five years. It started on the packaging liner. Now shift supervisors and managers and things like that. So we like to promote from within You know so yeah. It's great opportunity for somebody that might be looking for work. So if someone's looking at lisbon. Ohio been spun to to buy it steadily growing and becoming a little bit more popular. Yeah it's not. As i mean granted for us it for me and can't go this. Probably what a forty minute drive out. It's about thirty minutes. It is the vegetarian restaurant opened yet. I don't think so last time. I talked to somebody. I don't think they reopened yet. But i hope to god they open sudas called the courthouse in and it is. If you are not a vegetarian you will still enjoy the meals there. I've been there. But i i heard greater it is really great. It really is good and then you also have numbers out there restaurants. If you want me just which is also really good. Then areas been growing a lot Especially in the colombian area. I now much do down there now. I mean they say real estate wise commercial and residential. That's where it's at. Yes columbia county right now. Which is amazing. Good for them right exactly. I mean why not so anything else. Did you bring any any dog treats whereas online come on. I'll let you choose. What do we have here. So there's there's a lamb liam and rice dog food dak chickpea sweet potato. I don't know if anybody would like that would have brought some more streets a nuclear try. We're trying one. Elizabeth chicken blueberry pumpkin. You know what's funny is so for our kids growing up. You know with the baby foods and stuff like that that they have After you know we tested or made sure that there was no allergies while blah blah. I used to like instead of instead of like making something separate. I used to take whatever my husband. And i ate and just blended to that work. He would probably be completely gross down. Actually did this at one of our our shows and had a really good too so one of the jerky is it. This is really hard air. Can i break it. Can't i here. You're going to have to have a whole one. i mean technically. It's it's safe for human consumption but not meant for human consumption. It says on the bag. Robust meat protein implant based superfood nutrition. I don't know if that doesn't follow every dietary need for us to consume but it sounds pretty good. Sounds good i ready. I'm ready. i'm not eat nothing. I'm taking a little bite same thing.

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