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We on the people mover and then suddenly you would be on the game grid in the hung as were common almost squash you and then you'd go inside the light cycle maize again and you know in the prison in the erc breakdowns i did i was in his own here fulltime so those are all like very there vera deep embedded childhood memory that's owning and but but it there's nothing about the movie now when i watch it it it means every bit as much to me is no there are plenty of movies i loved that i can't i can sort of go what does it hold up the i'm not able to see if it doesn't hold up play utilize asia for the first time so your experience is your experience and i totally respect that but i k it's i mean i've brainwash myself i've still watching thea god this is ahead of its time god this yard it's so good well was ahead of its time because it was in a little research today it is bit was one of the very first movies to use computer enemy at all yeah and this guy alone m who's the director the director is heard your early even liz burger oh email it early early rows age peter lindbergh i think your john yes john landsberg from they might be giant stephen lewis burger and he uh it was kind of a not kind of it was a passion project for him like he thought of this world and was ahead of his time and couldn't get any one to make it ten like sunk his own money until like a test shots in with took it around the studios and was like look at what i have looked at this amazing thing there was like man i don't know about that and finally disney took a flyer in said all right we'll give you like 10 million bucks or whatever which was huge because he wasn't in the disney clan right he was an outsider and he said he always felt that way too which is kind of satin but um it was way ahead of its time and noone knew what they were seeing yeah like now for someone like me to watch it has never seen it before.

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