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A wacky weekend or something. A lot of was my impression is I was all over the map this week. And I was in. I was out. I was far away. I was close. Paulie, MAC, U2. it away Kamiar stay faraway, so close just got there before I do. But it seemed like went to the leader. It is it's kind of moody there. Yeah. Anytime I went to the league this weekend mardi was on the amount of through this Saturday. So sad. That includes I was I was in camping John. Was going to get you're coming into tents at four in the morning. Marty was on you know, I was like I was on a night hike at midnight. Marty was on over in my corner of the universe Saturday. We're like trying to digest the difficult warrior loss. And you know, the aftermath of that is what it is. And then I'm like scurrying around in the kitchen, I go, you know, what I'm going to throw on some leader. And see if we got any kind of post game dubs conversation going maybe some phone calls a comment here. And there I got Laurie you gotta learn through hours after the game hours after the game. Now the warrior game is in the books. I'm going to get just a just like a murmur of warrior discussion. I got mardi breaking down red red legs red legs the red legs. Eric Dietrich's paying tribute to the sexy eighteen seventy and feel dude. A Puffer mcgettigan. Also wear his shirt, Dan. What's up Marty? Big love apartment you. No, no, no key in peel today today. However, can I get an honor? Yeah. Yeah. Of the giants trailing four to nothing with some ordure on the hill. Looking back from a judgment and the new giants of may twenty nine thousand hundred keeping their nose to the grindstone hitting a couple of bombs giant six Cincinnati Reds five.

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