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But I have one final question for Matt with Oxy fresh in Denver. What makes Matt the Oxy fresh franchisee in Albany, such a great member of the team. What what? Why is he been such a great addition to the Oxy fresh team and really brag on mad? I mean, what's what's making Matt such a great member to the Oxy fresh franchisee team. Yeah, one thing he did not mention, which I think is, you know, should be noted that started his franchise. You know, as kind of an owner, you know, Manjit because he knew maintain a full-time job. And then you know, you had a goal of basically taking that and being able to grow his franchise and be able to leave his job at six months. And he was able to do that about three and a half months. So he was able to celebrate to a point where he felt comfortable Bridget breaking off from his job going fulltime, AUSSIE fresh. That's a pretty hard thing to do sometimes, but he was able to put the effort in the times that he had and day to grow his business. I think that one is probably the most important when you get home or you're trying to build, you know, multiple streams of income, it's delegating your time and those things that are important to allow that to happen. He's very, very good at that. The other is that you know, he sees opportunity and he goes after it. He's got. He started with one franchise. Now he owns three well, full territories. So here's a. Grow is that's an inch leave larger now because of hitting aggressiveness. He's absolutely one of the leaders are franchise in terms of following the system is a resource for our franchisees because they're reaching him saying, how are you doing this? You know, we're just getting started and all he does is say, you know, what are you doing and your day, right? All those things are important to, you know, him being able to be a resource and being a very good Docker auspicious. He's basically done what you know. We want everyone to do a very high level so effort. All the system understand, ask questions the via communicated partner with the home office. The more you talk to us, the more we have a relationship and better going to be. 'cause you're going to everything that's going on. So he does all those same at a very high level, Matt with Oxy, fresh franchise development in Denver, Colorado. Thank you for having Matt with Oxy, freshen, Albany, New York. The franchisee on today's show and get if you're. They're looking to buy an ox fresh franchise. I encourage you to go to thrive time, show dot com forward slash Oxy fresh in request. Some free free information, Matt, you're a great American..

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