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One every ten tournaments was not a I'm not a Gambler, but I was just happy that I got it and people were mad. So this is also coming from the guy who takes like the third best player in the world every week, which well, it's obviously not working. Because he didn't play, and also he hasn't want so I mean waiting for this guy just went up and term. Term I really just wanted to take a guy. I Want I. Want his stats to be my stats like just consistency. It really had nothing to do with like his odd each week. It was more like I was GonNa pick a guy that I just wanted, but I fucked that up I picked might never leave. Listen train I might take brexit every week. The way the Gulf. He goes country mile and he's got little wedges in when people are hitting four. Going to pick the favorite everybody that's smart. That's great. Okay. We gotta say that Lurch and I played Cyprus that just happened. We played cyberrays. On! Friday it was Top Two bucket list courses in the world for me at least Augusta and then Cyprus both Alister Mackenzie ecorse that I just never thought ever under any circumstances. Would I be allowed to step on and we you know? We talked to a few people at Pinehurst before I left. So you know we'RE GOING OUT WEST? We got this Fourth of July where our office closed. We're going to go out and play a little golf at three. Three or four days. We all here have been out to Monterey. We've been out to the pebble area. We played a bunch of golf around there and arguably the best little peninsula of golf on planet Earth, but never been out to Cyprus never had a sniff never had anyone anywhere ever be like you can go and play this lovely jested, magical golf course that is Cyprus point and we had it lined up a week or two beforehand..

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