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Busy dog today. 12 53 traffic and weather together. Let's start it off with Kevin at the ready. Theseus Maru. Retailers of New England all will drive traffic on the threes. What direction are you starting in, Kevin? While I'm gonna start in the north bound side, a roof for 95 still little over three miles to stop and go traffic here approaching work crews taken out the two left lanes at route 1, 10, eggs and 30 for in Chelmsford, leaving just that right lane to get by. Over a north and over eastbound route. 1 14. That's Turnpike Street shut down at route 1 25, due to a serious crash involving a dump truck on its side spilled a bunch of gravel on the roadways as well. Got emergency vehicles tying up that intersection quite heavily here again. He's found 1 14 closed at 1 25 north and over due to this serious truck crash downtown 93 Lower decks. Take umbrage. Okay, but sterile, Dr. Westbound. You're locked up here from Kenmore Square all the way over to Cambridge Street. Work crews have all traffic detoured a pawn of the service road there. At Cambridge Street and then a quick back on here after western AB south of town, you're looking pretty good. Both directions on the expressway. No troubles down on route 3 24 or 95. This report is sponsored by 12 Hour Music. Next music Ex presents trusted allies of doctors throughout history, doctors of use tools they trust to help them treat your illnesses, but whether they trust when they have a cough or cold Musa next, the number one brand doctors trust. Kevin Brennan. W B Z is traffic on the threes, right. Kevin talked to you in 10 minutes and again, the forecast looking great, and it's sponsored by your CBD store in Brookline. Here's Dean. Divorce, at least got sunshine. The rest of the day. Some soothing sunshine will get us up into the loaded fifties with, uh, a little bit of a breeze will be downloaded forties to nine. Should even warmer tomorrow up in the loaded sixties, even with more clouds mixing in with the sunshine, and we'll stay warm upper sixties Friday and near 70 City and inland Spahn Saturday and Sunday. You're heading out to the cape in the islands for a little getaway loaded mid sixties of very nice November afternoon. Unseasonably warm I thank you with a meteorologist Tina Borg, Visi, Boston's NewsRadio. 52 in Boston right now. Hi. It's Cassandra of your CBD store in Brookline. By now, you've heard about the benefits of CBD. We provide a consult of approach helped find the right products. Visit us today.

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