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But mom knew something that the navy wasn't aware of clarence. Donner had called his parents after thirty july. To tell them that he was headed by train from california. Four schuyler new york to attend an officer training program. Clarence was alive well and had never sale with the indianapolis well the next day. After receiving this telegram clearances mother. Ruth letter to the chief of naval personnel vice. Admiral randall jacobs she wrote quote. We're pleased to inform you that we have talked to our son since that day and also had a postal card and a letter. He is now in route to enable school in new york in quote. This donner went on to explain that radio technician second class donahue was taken to treasure island california and from there ferried to the cruiser. Uss indianapolis the be a passenger to some island base in the pacific. He had been on the ship but a half hour when the call came through for him to take his year and go back. Onshore is donner was no doubt thrilled. And happy to report vice. Admiral jacobs that her son was quoted safe and well in quote and hoped her letter would quote help. Keep your record straight in quote. Not quite the navy simply changed. Its status radio technician. Second class donna. From missing an action to being a survivor of the sinking. Of course i like just about everyone else in the world was not aware of the donner mystery in two thousand twelve. When i was working in my cases for the united states department of defense in honolulu hawaii but in the course of investigating hundred and seventy nine other cases while there i stumbled onto a whole series of other odd cases connected with the indie mystery which seemed to indicate that some of the casualties of the sinking had actually been recovered and buried at sea. But we're still on the official roles of the department of defense as missing in action now. Swamped with thousands of other gatien's and running out of time in my contract i wasn't able to follow up on those clues until a twenty seventeen when a team of investigator from the rick stone and family charitable foundation was sent to the naval history and heritage command on the washington navy yard in washington dc. Their mission was to search the archives of the naval history and heritage command for any information that might help clear. Some of those indications i had been concerned about in two thousand twelve. Shortly after that trip they will history and heritage. Command asked me to review some excellent research that have been conducted by one of their own historians. Docker richard hulliber and independent author miss. Sarah lasik concerning the donner mystery. The question was simple was donner. Lost at sea was donner a survivor. Donner never on the ship. In the first place both dr hulda and misled discovered that within hours of arriving on the indie donner's notice of acceptance into an officer training program in her off had awry and was incredible efficiency. The orders given to him to report the ford scholar. New york were delivered to him on board. The indianapolis is deployment to the pacific was canceled amid the chaos of the ships hurried. Secret redeployment to deliver the atomic bomb components to tinian island. Donner's arrival on board was apparently recorded but his hasty departure overlook thus when the paper records were reconstructed after the sinking he he remained on the final cruelest resulting in complement of one thousand. One hundred and ninety six sailors on board. Uss indianapolis that number was one too many in reviewing the amazing amount of documentation already collected. I concurred with the conclusions. There was then a simple matter of finding radio technician. Second class clarence donner in twenty seventeen and confirming. The facts were some foundation research in hand. I actually health. On the johnson cemetery in polat ca florida and confirmed with the cemetery administrator that radio technician second class. Clarence william donner was there. He had died at age. Eighty two on one february two thousand and two. Well we reported our foundations confirmation to the naval history command and in march twenty eighteen. The united states navy finally corrected the records and removed radio technician second class honour as an indie crew member on that last fatal voyage. He wasn't lost at sea and he wasn't a survivor. what he was. Which probably the luckiest man of all who had ever set on the uss indianapolis be it ever so briefly and the bottom line is this mom was right. Something tells me that there will be other no home for heroes podcast about future investigations into other uss indianapolis mysteries. Staus stay tuned home for hero. 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