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10 23 Black lives matter Protestors of all the civil lawsuit against the L. A County D, a Jackie Lacey and her husband for an incident back in March, of which David Lacey allegedly pointed a gun at the demonstrators when they showed up at the Lacy's home on their doorstep. The D A's husband is already facing misdemeanor charges for the incident. But now several members of the group that walked up to the Lacey's Granada Hills home, including black lives matter, organizer Molina Abdullah are going after the Lacey's with the civil suit. We did not expect to be Threatened to be shot for stepping onto the public porch of a public official attorney Carl Douglas were protesters, not some criminal element. But the Lacey's attorney claims the group filed the lawsuit now for political reasons, because the D A is facing a tough re election bid. Douglas didn't dispute that. This is a public official, and this horrific case speaks to her judgment. The activists say. They went to the ladies. Home because the D A has refused to meet with the group about deadly police shootings. But Jackie Lacey has contended in the past that all the activists want to do is yell and scream and not let her speak. John Baird, KO Next 10 70 NewsRadio Some people from the Porter Ranch area protestor today outside Governor Jason's home in Northern California to demand he shut down the laser cannon gas storage facility. They say they're still getting sick. Even the massive gas leak is now capped Alexander Nagy with the environmental group, Food and Water Action tells chaotic so, Cal gases testified the facility leaks twice a day on average oil if the well the pipes And this makes it way into the nearby community. And even before the blowout, we had heard that residents say they had been smelling gas and getting headaches and nosebleeds for years. The league began five years ago this month, Nagy says the governor promised to shut down the facility. She says people from the area have asked to me or the governor and his staff, but I've been ignored. Dodgers take game one.

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