Tennessee Bureau Of Investigation, Director, Tennessee River discussed on The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg


Clearly the director of the TV I was not too happy. Little taken aback by this. I wasn't cooperating beget. I thought well. I think it's the right thing to do. I was trying to take people side, and at the same time still accomplish. The goal and I thought. Yeah I see another way about this. There's always multiple ways to skin the cat so unfortunately. It was not confined period of time and I I didn't ask enough questions. I didn't in retrospect. I made a decision quickly and I told the. Director that we weren't going to. We weren't going to cooperate. We're not going to help. You can help you. What ultimately happened? They did execute the search warrant by the way, and they did recover property. There was determined to be stolen, so you had a dirty office, so I had that at least less time past what we discovered was not only. was He accused of stealing this property, but also. He was accused of. Selling information to the subjects of a drug investigation. So we had a drug investigation that we were actually working in conjunction with. Several other agencies including the State Bureau. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. And come to find out that. One of the subjects said that he was receiving information about where our target locations were. The subjects are investigations are plans for operations and even worse personal information about the investigators about the agents in the task force officers, including personal information about their home residents, their families their families. And that they were being provided this information by a dirty cop, and we ultimately discovered it was him who's putting people's lives at risk absolutely. Force we ended up making the arrest and taking him into custody. And it was after that that I had reached out actually to the director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and I I said you know. Can we talk about? Can we talk about what happened because clearly? Mistake was made clearly I made a bad decision on I. WanNa talk through it. You let them down and they were angry with you. Yes, they were to the point where. They had pulled other task force officers that they had Tennessee River investigation off of our task forces. That's how angry they were. To their own detriment, they were pulling task force officers. It severed the relationship between our agencies. And that affected not only just me personally that obviously affected all of the people who? Who reported to me all of FBI's operations in the state of Tennessee, as well as state law enforcement operated absolutely..

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