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You're running you're just bored and you think about other stuff and you're not really in it. You know like Klaus House was so fast. Because you're in it the whole time. You're really immersed like a film should be immersive for however long it is in Irishmen was definitely not not you might be the only person in the world that a watch that from being. Yeah you know. We'll just watch legal segments forty-five minutes. I mean I. I don't know any other person. It really maybe. We'll find on. Yeah they saw it and I asked watching the one sitting so I just just ask oriented bad things just asking me okay. Yeah no I felt like it. You know it. It needs to be watched and I've ruin movies before by stopping them. imitation game. I ruined By going to bed what I I watched that a while ago I wanted to bed and I woke up. I put it on like you know a few hours later during the climax and everything's like happening and superintendents Tan something like what is going on. Nearly Germany is war or something. You're I forget what's who were imitating again. I don't know there's like some coders or am I thinking right rousers crossword puzzles cook with `Nigma Yeah with with what's what's his name Benedict cumberbatch. Yeah that guy all right grants or You have any final China word hits you gene. Coupon review were decide whether the true rating of the film is over under the IMDB rating and Dan. We're looking at eight point. Two eight point eight two. What's what's the eight hundred? Three thousand votes. Yeah no less. I'll do double will on double under whatever that means a means. Take it off the Oscar list and other under Yeah I don't think it's Should be nominated in in terms of like what we've seen so far with parasite parasite and was so we seen. Even joker I think even like joker more like joker more in double under two for gold by that from the list. It's yeah it's gone but we're not left with A lot of choices for best picture. So I think we got one more week can do Get One Moore movie off the list before the Oscars and then we might have some special reviews coming soon may be a change of pace. Maybe something something else maybe. Maybe we'll stop reviewing things who knows now we can do toya reviews so are we going to continue on our on our path. Yeah moving yes sorry. I was just I always forget so. I just want to read the best pitcher off again. We have four versus Ferrari ours men Gioja Rabbit Joker little little women which I know what this is this has the. That's the from midsummer She's like one of the main people she's the neighbors while at least poster. She's the one in the metal issue. She the little woman but a women. They're all little marriage story. I nineteen seventeen. I hope we get that one. That's why I want Parasite eight one spot. Yeah so far I mean we. We can talk about what we rank. We'll do that at the door. Predictions next time. Yeah so what am I rolling. GimMe Gimme are we. The one potential option Are we including the severed hand movie. I think we did because then we would have a cool discussion between Claus in that one. If we go Kinda I agree I hit me one through six including so I thought Alright Sneddon Canana can in to to grant little to no. It's a joker. I had a different list different list. I mean if you know we may have to make an executive decision nine hundred seventeen. I've heard really good things about it and I don't think he's going to win. I mean the job is GonNa win only because we wanna make an accurate decision. Yes and awed accurate prediction guest. Anne Quin Trust me. I think on the danger so maybe we should watch the one we think will win. Do you think Mary story will win. or nine hundred seventeen. 'CAUSE I can see both of those or little. I think those fucking actually parasite could win the way. It will seem intuitively. I think it'll women story seventeen. Remember skirts top Time Best Picture that the driver star wars guy that no. I don't Favorite to win. Let's see the people on the on Reddit on the good old Internet. Or no you know just the Internet may be young screenwriter DOT COM or indie wire dot com. What are they saying are negative? Odds better I should know this. No this is all right. These are negative numbers better odds and then we will make a decision. The favorite is the number with the smallest number on the board in that includes negative numbers. The underdog is that option with the bigger number resistant. Makes it easier or is this what so this is now. ONSCREEN RED DOT com. So I'm looking at on Thursday. It's Buzz Irishman above twenty twenty five hundred joker of a fifteen hundred Gioja rabbit plus six thousand marriage story plus ten thousand Little Women Twelve Thousand Ford Party in last place with was twenty five thousand. Okay what's the topic upon so the the the one thousand nine hundred. Yeah that's what I'm saying. I think are we our executives. We've seen we've seen the next to once the time an parasite and the irony Irishman. So am the joker and we have some other movie are lower in and their favorites to win. So Yeah we've got to top it off with this one and then we'll have the best predict nece. At least we'll be able to argue for one and not the other. Was this even though I mean in some theaters. Yeah it came out at. I think it like just our just released. I came out in December. I think I know would like to. I have to go the theater. That's a good question I mean we can. We can figure that out later offline. We'll take it off. Line yell take it off line but nineteen seventy. We have to do it for the show man you know. Sometimes it's the society for Lead new guys on joker. We're not doing that yet. We're not doing. You can still watch it. In the meantime fusion energy deserves a watch by Quin. Just a senescent email now. Yeah we didn't get an email last time Moses But actually it's it's awesome time install hasn't been that that long since Since the release. Yeah Yeah. You're the true true it's only been a few days. Yeah Yeah so woollen. Nineteen seventeen next week and then we will predict the Oscars Elliott go so thanks guys I just mentioned it. But yes choosing email if you guys have any suggestions or questions at she Q.. PODCASTS review at G. DOT COM and follow us on twitter and Instagram at Chiku review cool. Thanks guys aw.

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