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My name is brandt and if you pull my lever you might win some cash all right back in the day i'm watching the video watching the video okay we had an issue with the with the there's a lot of this it's very hard for me to be the best podcast in the universe and manifest this show every week and get everything right on the first try so or the second try even so i'm really proud of you for standing up for yourself and your podcasting and and i just think you're really brave this was something that i had to do for me because all of the my whole life everybody was was mean and so this is me standing up for myself and getting it right finally all right and we are here with so much to talk about here's i'm so excited i can't even control myself hashtag archie get your questions in for the show we will get everything we'll cover everything we need to cover here tonight on a busy big brother night both on and off the show all right so let's start with we had this veto competition brandt the big brother brought back jessen cody tonight i know you must have been pumped up the see them by philly those kind of wasted justin cody here yeah i'll agree with you i love just going cody but i would've liked to seen them a little more interactive i know cody basically said the same thing to everybody that's kind of how cody is where he was like you know hi my name's cody hi my name's goody hi my name's i was glad the big brother had a little bit of fun with him in the diary room with the android they did like ten times i enjoyed it very much jessica was gorgeous and lovely but i do think their talents could have been put to a little bit more us deaths and so taryn we got the big brother dating app houseguests only dot com only inferior to festive fitness app yeah i feel like this was really not fair to fester you really taken over his game of at making that involves lots of cardio fitness and dating breeding around sure sure and so we had we had all that and of course we got the tyler win the beato and then swaggie see go up on the block and emotional swaggie see get placed on the block brent yeah obviously he's emotional because kaelin supposed to be in the alliance she was the one who named the alliance so i really really was heartbroken to see this because he didn't see it coming he really there was a moment in time i think where bailey brought up the possibility that she might do this and they quickly discarded it they really had no clue that it was coming a tear and i must have missed the conversation with bessie maybe that wasn't on the feeds or blocked i don't remember kaitlyn telling that she was going to do this obviously it looked like it happened right before the ceremony but that was pretty rough to watch and i feel bathroom he is a fan of the show and i wanted to do better but it looks at this point like the odds are stacked against yeah that conversation fethi happened one the feeds it already gone down and it was just it was perfect the way that it went down with literally caitlyn is about to name the replacement she's nearly in tears swaggie recognizes that something is wrong he's got right next to him going like men she told me just before it's like he he sees him she just said like again promise me you're going to forgive me for what to do i'm going to do something and just like what what i'm just real confused at this morning yeah she had talked to him previous about like about her feelings about swaggie and he even told her when the time comes for you to make your move albie with you he just did not have any idea that it was going to be the soon so yes him knowing and then giving swaggie the heads of literally seconds before and you can see you can literally see the realization dawning on swaggie face as you as as she names the replacement he goes and he sits down your heart breaks for him it's such an emotional moment it's dramatic moments strategic moment i loved every second of it rob and i'm just pumped up the swag wedding it happens really built like.

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