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So this summer illustrates the danger of even a relatively small amount of warming so far. The planet has only warmed by close to one degree centigrade or one point, eight degrees Fahrenheit above pre industrial levels. We're on a trajectory to reach three degrees celsius or five point four degrees Fahrenheit by twenty one hundred all time, high temperature records. Along with heavy rainfall, milestones have fallen as a warmer wetter climate exerts its influence on day to day weather. Here are just a few of the records set so far in North America, Los Angeles set an all time, high temperature record of one hundred eleven degrees Fahrenheit on July sixth, Montreal Canada also said it's all time, high temperature record during a deadly Quebec heatwave. In early July this week, death valley, California has broken three straight daily records with a high of one hundred twenty seven degrees Fahrenheit, death valley is poised to set a record for the hottest month ever recorded on earth with an average temperature of one hundred eight degrees Fahrenheit, breaking last year's record. By about half a degree. Several locations are reporting that July was their warmest all-time month including the normally temperate caribou, Maine in Europe. Unprecedented heat led to a while. Fire outbreak in Scandinavia and record highs have been set all the way above the Arctic circle this month according to the UN Saddam. Cal Finland hit eighty nine point two degrees Fahrenheit or thirty. One point eight degrees celsius on July seventeenth, which was an all time record for that location on Sunday Sortland in far northern Norway, saw the temperature reach eighty seven point eight degrees Fahrenheit or thirty one degrees celsius which was an all time high for any month at that location according to meteorologists at t. n. Coppee Kian July twenty. Seventh was the hottest temperature on record in Amsterdam at thirty four point eight degrees celsius or ninety four point six degrees Fahrenheit, remarkably in northern Norway Muko or set a new record high overnight, low temperature of twenty five point two degrees celsius or seventy seven degrees Fahrenheit on July eighteenth. He'd records have also fallen in the UK Ireland and France in London. High temperatures hit thirty five degrees celsius on Thursday and were forecast to potentially eclipse that on Friday. The UK is suffering through one of its driest years on record in Asia. Chinese media is reporting that twenty two counties and cities have had their hottest July on record South Korea said, it's all time high temperature record on August. First, when the temperature soared to forty point seven degrees celsius or one hundred five point two degrees Fahrenheit in Hong Chen. According to the Korea, meteorological administration, it was the highest ever recorded across the country since the KM a started, compiling the data in nineteen zero seven. The previous high of forty degrees celsius was logged at the southeastern city of d GU in north yong-sang, province on August. I in nineteen forty two. Temperature in the capital. Seoul reached a daily high of thirty nine point six degrees celsius in mid day marking the highest in one hundred eleven years. The previous high was thirty eight point four degrees celsius recorded on July twenty fourth nineteen Ninety-four in the Middle East creo mon- which likely set the world's hottest low temperature ever recorded on June twenty eighth when the temperature failed to drop below one hundred nine degrees Fahrenheit or forty two point eight degrees celsius in Africa award war Al jeera may have said Africa's all-time highest temperature on. I fifth with a reading of one hundred twenty four point three degrees Fahrenheit or fifty. One point three degrees celsius in Asia, Japan said a national temperature record of one hundred six degrees Fahrenheit or forty. One point, one degrees celsius in a heat wave that followed deadly floods according to an analysis. Published Friday climate scientists found a clear link between climate change and extreme heat in Europe, particularly in Scandinavia. Although year to year variability, prevented researchers from making definitive statements. We found that for the weather station in the far north in the Arctic circle, the current heatwave is just extraordinary unprecedented in the historical record said here, van Oldenburg senior researcher at the Royal Netherlands meteorological institute Cayenne m I and it's not just heat records that are noteworthy..

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