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All around the world are hoping wishing that this could rise up again, structurally. It's fine. It will live. According to many of the people we've been talking to thirties blaming cooking for yesterday's three alarm hotel fire in southwest, Oklahoma City, it happened at the oak tree in and sweets, and the twelve hundred block of south Meridian south of interstate forty. Investigators say the fire appeared to have started in a room and spread into the attic. Two units received heavy fire damage and six others had water and smoke damage. No one was injured. The National Rifle Association is suing its ad agency saying the company withheld crucial financial details. The lawsuit was filed in Virginia and says Oklahoma City based Ackerman McQueen is contractually bound to show the documentation on its bills the NRA. But that the firm has in the words in the suit ball, lay ignored requests for more information. The lawsuit says the NRA paid the company more than forty million dollars twenty seventeen Ackerman McQueen says the NRA forensic auditing firm receive. Every piece of information it requested house, minority leader, Emily virgin of Norman is calling on Senate Republicans to reconsider legislation giving state employees at twenty five hundred dollar annual pay raise and state retirees four percent cost of living adjustment. We are tired of political games in this building getting in the way of providing are state, employees and retired police and fire and teachers the financial stability.

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