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AKIVA NITA podcast, episode, number, eighty seven, and for the third time in eight days, here I am back with the CO founder of Robin Akiva Nita podcast and the man who is at the center of all things pointless today the Great Akiva Winegar. Yeah. We've never been I you. Sometimes we'll go ten days without speaking to each other and I missed you now it's like hey, maybe we get to the next episode for like a week from Tuesday or something. Yeah, well, let's just reset how we got into this predicament. We ended up with a people's choice back in episode number eighty five, and in the People's Choice, one of the options was a escape, the pied with a or absurd was a double shot was one of the options where escape. The Pot was first, and then a people's choice was the second vote. That one we did escape pod in episode. Number Eighty five. That was eighty, five eighty six was then brand steel stands, versus that drop like seventy two hours ago and now here we are for Robin Akiva. The game show. Yeah I would say if someone's tuning. In for the first episode of the PODCAST, they did not understand one thing when you said episode eighty five like Ryan. Hut Brand St. like these are all things that are that are just so far even the British gameshow pointless. They might not know. Okay, they we. We might be Young so inside baseball at this all right well, if somebody's catching up on podcast, they've got about like nine hours of rap to get through here in these last couple of days. Okay, so we're going to talk about a game called Pointless Akiva. We're coming off of stands versus ops. Any of takeaways from stands versus ops are longest ever episode of Robin keeping you the podcast. Yeah, I think very positive reviews. People said it was one of the better brands deals, really a great one of the great love stories in the history of survivor. Tonic Story Donald Relationship I'm sorry, yeah, but really one of the great duos in the history of the game. Really like.

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