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At the time is before I was making videos for travel videos on Youtube by new is going to do something with the footage and I've actually been releasing those episodes still now like as throwback videos on that trip I remember stopping in Canada and eating dead Fraga. I found has full my youtube videos that oh I need to make some weird's crazy eating video and I remember eating dead frog and that was like and the twenty eleven so that was when I still doing weird stuff and then you switched logging. So where did you get this idea of logging and did you leave logging or was it like random logging and then you decided to switch to I go into trouble and stood up controversy for what I was doing living on my eating channel because eating live trench Liz and never eight in the live mammals or anything by live Lizard Youtube angry at me like a few videos demagnetize I think they deleted my videos. It's like super controversial basically because it was like pretty gross and then a few animal rights people go on my back because they use saying it's cruel and now you begin yeah and it's funny now like I'm actually Vegan. I think during that time I don't really want to fight this because I'm not trying to make a point like this isn't something I care about. This is always just stupid like jackass. It was always just like sensational at that point already come to California to Bitcoin. I'd been invited by my youtube network to come to Bitcon in twenty eleven. I think no two thousand twelve and that's where I saw it being a lot of youtubers and is like world. This is a whole another platform where like people doing comedy skits and beauty videos and hadn't seen travel stuff to be honest but like all all these different in the bedroom blogs and like I could do anything I want them this platform and then one of my friends is like what could I do they like why don't you make videos about your life every day and I was like without. It'd be so boring but then as I oh maybe it wouldn't maybe it could be really. We actually really interesting so yeah. That's where the idea came from and then were you on. The first daily was always second generation so the first generation was like Sky Co Charles trippy who actually just did ten years is unbroken is GonNa Guinness World record ten years of daily logs not missed one. Just did it like a few weeks ago. I think it was him. There was shake Harlan. This is a few them that would like the original original Dave loggers and then there was is Jesse and Gina who did the pranks and then they start doing daily blogs just like fears before but I'd never heard of Dave Logan when I started I didn't know about them and there was definitely from what I understand. No British people doing it. I wasn't just sitting home. I always traveling all over the place. So I'm pretty sure is the first daily travel vlogger and probably the one of the first travel bloggers full stop. Yes that's amazing. Someone that you start those daily logs that was end the twenty twelve and I did every other day of November two thousand twelve skip December because we've doing a road trip around with friends. Then January twenty thirteen was when I really started getting rolling on the daily blogs and that was when I was in L._A.. Come for few months L. A. and and then it just took off often. I was like start traveling in the world and it just got my brand new travel brand. They're like early twenty thirteen and it just blew my mind. It was like six thousand pounds to go to Austria to go to this like festival is like then before that was absence six thousand dollars. It was back then. I was like this is amazing. That's like insane. This like so excited like wow. This is an incredible. How many of us were getting you probably like thirty eighty four thousand views of video like that's pretty quickly which is kind of down to again now? That was this big peak of like one hundred fifty two hundred two hundred fifty thousand Twenty fifteen twenty sixteen but it's evolving changing one of the things that you're talking while you're stories <hes> we all go through transformation and this book that was just showing you today. A principles by ray value in other chart here is like the hero's journey yeah we all go through these shifts of just transformation and we you've repeat them as well so that's incredible and so you've how did you manage to daily logging for so many years because it just blows my mind I know them on a work. It takes to do this then it also takes away from you like being present and I know he's probably got used to it and I know like you you share this before they would stay up late pretty much every night editing polls in the videos but like literally. How did you get through this because it's so much work? People don't realize on the other and I'm sure if you miss some days get upset are mad. They would like where's the blog whereas now like a week and really what motivated you to like. Stick with it like you made a commitment but you stuck with for years. So how did did you do that. It was still exciting for me. Honestly there was the excitement of it. I just loved where it was heading. It was almost the unknown of like this is a riding the wave and insist it was opening up every door for me. I I was just having the mice incredible experiences everything was just so exciting and I just think that kind of adrenaline four five year like adrenaline rush of disliked I mean I honestly was barely sleeping which I would not recommend and after a while after the high of like how fun it can be whereas awfully oh bit I think is detrimental to relationships. It was amazing that I mean Ryan. My girlfriend like managed to start a relationship during during that time in my life because I was not very prison I the blogs came before pretty much everything I would stay up all night every night until three A._M.. For editing most days were centered around finding something fun to they've to film and I think it was cool because it motivate me to do amazing fun things every day. It's not like I didn't want today them but having this new season of move into the end of last year where I'm actually want to slow down and be truly present and not a maybe not thinking about Social Media Youtube for a day O._T.. Like it's so liberating now but I also look back at the time is really dedicated the daily blogs. I'm like yeah for that period for that season. I don't regret yeah. I think it was great so how does feel 'cause. I remember you. Share this before when you were still logging everyday that if you do miss a day of logging it's almost like it's really strange that you can't like look back on that day. Can you tell me more about that. Yes because I it was so yeast to this pattern of filming everything like experience. It was like documenting my entire life. I do remember I actually have made me feel anxious and if I didn't have my camera or decided not to have looked something like when I started trying to take days off it would actually be stressed day. It was weird. I couldn't relax because by the basically go in this very habit you create great such strong habits that I felt like almost like imagine wha- drug drug coming drugs where you just feel like it wasn't instantly relaxing are cool actually relaxed like it probably took months of really consciously stopping to block to fail like a truly be present and not at the back of my mind be thinking about my youtube channel videos like to think bigger than being a youtuber and think oh well I want to do in my life as well as cheap. It's not like I want to stop YouTube. I don't want be just the youtuber anymore like and I wanted to consume your whole and it is consumed my entire life. I remember having an argument with the friend where I was saying. Louis Coal is the exact same thing as fun flew my my youtube channel and I was like there's no separation operation and he was like no. It's not like yeah is me and my channel is the sack same thing and now I look back on my world. That's was so unhealthy and it was so but that was essentially it just didn't feel like work. All the time fell. It was work but it felt like fun as well as enjoy a totally understand it. Just it's intense yeah yeah and I could do anymore of course can only do it for a period of time. I don't know how that guy for ten years. I mean they can be detrimental unless you have it outsource that you edited you logs every single log yeah pretty much crazy as no exception but no really it was pretty much every crazy like so much thought one thousand six hundred an eighteen videos that I've made now I can't even comprehend that honestly but it's beautiful too you can lau go back of your life and literally see every single day of your life documented and I always why would continue into like having a family and everything but honestly. I don't think I still would love to like document whether you put out by. Just don't think I WANNA make a youtube channel centered around my family grow no disrespect to like family bloggers out there. It's cool but I I just don't think that's what excites me about making content anymore. I don't want it to be centered around my life day today but more around things I'm really passionate around topics that I wanted to discover and like new things I wanNA learn about like a lot of people on a journey and share a story about something thing which isn't my day-today life so I'm actually excited again about my content for the first time in years which is cool. That's the most important bit but the point that I was going to make university you being workaholic or working sometimes as I as you said just now because your so into what you're creating in a way them feel like work it just was like life in it just felt natural a normal and also just the ad because experienced waking up having to go to an office yeah certain time and work for company and I'd been incredibly poor and lived. I'd really tested the boundaries of what life was a good drive. I think I WANNA go back to working for somebody else. So if I have to hustle really hard now to succeed to be my Boston run my thing and like dictate like design my life like all the energy because this is exciting for me doesn't excite me to think about working for somebody else or to be living with having to ask my friends who one pound each so he could perpetual in the PETROTECH. It'd be like five of my friends. We need to get five pounds at one foundation and fill up the bedroom. Now it's really nice that I've managed to build up enough income that I can treat or my friends that dinner and take them out legitimates anew partly when always hustling and staying up or not every night. I'm building something that's going to have valley Ali bigger vision and for me to be honest the biggest thing for me. That was more exciting with that. I could have a platform to make a difference in people's lives. It wasn't even my life like I've always been an optimist. Even if I end up with nobody fine but the it was more like building the bigger my audience grows the bigger impact I can have the world's and it goes back to the thing saying there's something deep down inside of me that just wants to make an impact on the world for good and that's the incredible about what I mentioned before. I'm what I'm looking right now. In the book is the Hero's journey. I'll show you actually get snow in the middle of adventure and that's kind of a definite annoy bracelet this stumped adventure shirt live and your company venture venture facebook page and your instagram you gotta check it out for all travel adventure inspiration and things like that thing that I really want to point out to people is through this transformations that you have in you. Keep having is really in the way is putting on the path to your higher calling and this is what we're discussing over dinner as well as that. The reason you are here is in a way you're you're always following your intuition. So even you say having a really good job and dropping that even though is a good thing to do you know having a really good gigging around your party bus in London and then kind of just dropping that off then doing the weird eating thing having success what kind of dropping off now also doing this whole logging thing and dropping off but in the way you're still evolving it almost like if you can see what the end urine path right and if you can look at the potentially to the end of that path and say this is what the ultimate end to this path could be yeah that's exciting to you need to change direction and did that my job. I looked that people have got triple the salary in there in the same job and I'm like I don't want to be that person but that doesn't excite me then it goes onto the eating video.

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