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Feeder right club today that's better than most about better than most expecting thing all right ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the no laying podcast we are out here in germany at the bmw international way out here way out here this furthest east you've ever been i mean yeah went way to go korea australia depending on your measurement tool in europe i yes correct tronto that you've been to germany before have yeah but only berlin not to cologne or munich all right so we have an interview coming up here shortly with ernie els and talk about that but kinda wanna quickly run run through the week and thi this up a little bit dj want you'd walk us through through our plan here in our schedule this week yeah so shout out to travel travel agency tron travel who basically said if everything of tron has flying into munich which was not the quickest way to get to the tournament i don't think but it resulted in into pretty awesome days and southern germany we're false you wanted the longest possible route on the autobahn to get to false but ended up on in hindsight it was brilliant yeah we had a couple of great days down there taped a bunch of video steph i think that'll probably illustrate kind of what we got into a little better than me talking about it but i was great i've never seen that part of the world before and bounce around we i think one of the big things coming over here i had no idea what golf in germany was like and not that i really have you know a total understanding of it after four days or whatever but it was pretty cool to see here you know germans have to they have licenses for everything so you have to take a test in order to play golf you have to be a licensed golfer just the whole thing it was pretty wild wild scene i mean we'll beyond the gulf you'd never been to germany so what was your live up to your expectations different exceeded it's been delightful people have been great the scenery's been awesome architectures been awesome foods been phenomenal we had some beers yes pretzels i mean we did i feel like we did the very touristy things and the very you know hopefully a couple off the beaten path things we did not go to hoffer house i was gonna say even on the touristy stuff that we did we try to find the more local flavor of that towards stuff that was great it's good we did pretty good part of the story of the european tour is about the destinations the places you go and it's so cool i mean the doors such a worldwide tour to go to an actual continental european city and be in that is is cool it's just cool to come here and see that you know in a major city in germany the biggest country in europe to see a tournament going on in the operations and all the people that go to it and everything it was it was a treat it was yeah i agree all right so this interview with ernie els first of all a big thank you to our partners it'd be w they have been teed us up for success they helped set up this interview they had us out to this tournament and we had absolute blast i know that sometimes the partnership talk is not the most well received here but these are the people that helped us up to succeed and i think that they've given us every opportunity to it's our fault if it doesn't go through china through very well it's funny we were talking earlier i think dj said he was like i'm we're so used to.

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